Deep Character Customization:One thing that always annoys me is how little you can change the mouth,for example,the shape is limited by the preset you choose.More hairstyles to choose from,more colors.

Epic,darker and engaging story :There's a war happening,I hope we can get to feel like we are in a great medieval movie or book,that we feel we are in an adventure.Less comedy,more of the dark reality that is happening. NPCs that provide interesting points of view back-stories.

More unique locations :More then one city,many forests,mountains,less cave missions.Places that feel unique,and not a copy.Feel like you are actually traveling through a breathtaking world,that every place is different from one another

Better armor system:Something like Dragon's Dogma,were you have different layers for clothing and armor. Mages having the option to wear shirt,pants and a coat rather then robes.Armors that feel realistic enough,not being extremely weird just to "be awesome looking".

Origins that have impact:I'm very upset origins will not be playable,so at least I hope we have more then one side-quest related to our chosen origin.I also hope each origin will feel unique,maybe a half-elven,as the character will be fully human,but there a lot to explore,such as the prejudice he would feel.Maybe some companions are locked to a certain origin,or even a skill,depending from where you are from.

Political Quests:Quests that requires talking,using your brains rather then killing everything.Maybe a formal ball or something.Forming alliances,using your charm,wit or intelligence to gain trust for others.