• GenesisSparrow

    MotA; great or fail?

    October 19, 2011 by GenesisSparrow

    Last tuesday, when the DLC came out, I played Mark of the Assassin with my f!mage Hawke. Now the beinging was okay, Tallis's introduction was WAY over done! I mean really! It took longer watching her show up then the fighting!

    Then the whole sneaking into the Chateau Haine was totally pointless! One of the guards I tricked then knocked out, but when I moved, he was up again! Plus, you can NOT get the door in the thrid courtyard open unless your a rouge.

    Then you have Tallis bitching at YOU for getting caught while she just stands there. I found the City Elf story in Orgins to be far better, even the sneaking in to get Anora was better then this pile of bile.

    So all in all, I've just lost 800 MS points on a piece of crap. 1.1mb download just for a…

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