After lounging around in the Dragon Age Forum for a month or so now, I have had the pleasure (or the displeasure) of coming across many people who are singularly united by the love of the game. Now, as is usual with anything in the world, some people are lovely, some people amaze me, and some people are (excuse my Anglo-Saxon expletive) jackasses.

What I had discovered, however, is that the proportion of the said people who fit the expletive are oddly high in this forum.

They are the ones who usually believe that their theories are right, and will not even acknowledge the remote possibility of any other theory proposed by the posters as being right. You can see some examples here or here. I theorise that they believe they show their love for the world by being right, but if I didn't know any better, I'd think fans of this franchise are just all jackasses and nerds who sit in a dark basement all day and diddle their LIs.