I was trolling the internet, nursing a very upset stomach (horray for stomach flu... I think my coworker gave it to me. Thanks, Zanfina), when I remembered a certain frequent user of the chat telling me a hilarious story about Aerie and his character. Evidently some idiot decided to try his luck with the Avariel which resulted in the player petrifying him and then smashing him to bits. He spoke of the incident with an eerie smug satisfaction and the vengeance of "don't touch her, bitch, or you'll die". I laughed for a good minute about it.

Anyway, as I could not recall what Aerie looked like (I don't think I ever paid attention to her, as my elven female mage, Alindial, did a fine job being a cleric/mage anyway). So I googled it. And I came across this site.

As usual, I checked the page code for Easter eggs. And boy, it's riddled with it. It has clues such as "Infinity Engine", "Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm!" and "I can teach you how to use your wrath.". It was also very satisfying to listen to that epic theme. It almost brought me back to the divine struggle my Alindial went through, all the way to her ascension to her godhood.

So what can this mean? Will Baldur's Gate be repackaged? Or re-made? Or will there be Baldur's Gate 3? All I can say is, this has me titillated with excitement. I adored Baldur's Gate for all the canonical characters (Hi Drizzt! Hi to you too, Elminster!), and whether it's repackaged or there's going to be Baldur's Gate 3, I'm pretty sure I'll get it. It'd be amazing to see Amn, Candlekeep, and Suldanessellar in a non-isometric environment. And all the spells from D&D were amazing (favourite spell: Dragon's Breath and Summon Planetar).

One of the things that I liked about DAO was that it clearly was aware of its very successful predecessor, such as, "when in doubt, go for the eyes!" and "gather party and venture forth?". Granted, in Baldur's Gate that was annoying as hell (I recall Solaufein, who eventually became my romance with a mod, kept wandering around towns holding everyone back), but it brought back fond memories of junior high when I'd stay up all night wandering around Faerun.

Now, if they can bring back Planescape, that would make my day... scratch that, that'd make my year. One thing I griped about that game after isometric went out of phase is just how I always feel like a voyeur in that game, watching like some god moving the poor guy around.