This well-researched post (unsigned, sadly, but written by someone who actually owns a dictionary) is currently where not enough people will see it. So, I may as well put it here where no people will see it.

More Gaider nonsense. "Canon" is generally understood to mean the official version of events; or as previously defined by Gaider, "Canon is something that we dictate regardless of choice. [1]" (6:44), or Canon means one version of events is the same for everyone.
Since by definition (Gaider's and everyone else's), "canon" is something that cannot be changed by a player or playthrough, it makes no sense whatsoever to speak of ...the "canon" of [a player's] playthrough", or to say that "...some people have many "canon" saves, I imagine", as Gaider did elsewhere.
Yet another new element of "canon" according to current Gaider dogma; book canon and game canon aren't the same. Indeed, book and game canon are not only different, but in fact have "no relation" to one another. ("The nature of a novel means it must establish its own canon, and the novel's canon has no relation to the game's canon (such as it is). If you wish, think of the novel as an alternate universe where things took a specific path with regards to Wynne or other events.")
In case you find yourself asking which canon is canon, Gaider offers the different explanation of Alistair's story as involving alternate universes. More specifically, "all the versions of Alistair -- whether he died, ended up a drunk in Kirkwall, remained in the Grey Wardens, became the King of Ferelden and/or continued his romance with the Warden-- are equally "true". They all exist. That's part of the nature of a narrative that involves choices."
Makes sense now, right? The true nature of player choice is you get to make your choice. Except in the publisher's 'non-official' version of events the player never had a choice because after all, this is a different universe.
Hidden within this elaborate dance of changing canon definitions and alternate universes are the simple facts that; (i), the original Dragon Age:Origins team (which presumably included Gaider) made the specific decision that the player could choose different outcomes for Alistar; and (ii), now the current Dragon Age team has decided to reverse that decision, probably because of the great fan affection for Alistair. Why not just admit they're changing the DA:O player agency choices for Alistar?
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