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  • Futonrevoltion

    Hey there,
    This is futonrevolution, and welcome to the character creation process for the Dragon Age tabletop RPG, by Green Ronin Publishing (creators of such games, as the excellent Mutants & Masterminds and many more).

    If you want to join in the campaign, discuss your character, have questions that aren't answered below, or anything else, don't be shy about using my email, facebook, and/or the wiki chat.

    First off, the game mechanics. Unlike d20, where you roll a d20 + modifier and everything else is an exception to the rule... but there's 100+ pages per book of exceptions to the rule... Dragon Age is very simple. I set a Target Number for a task. You roll 3d6 (three standard dice cribbed from your dusty Monopoly and backgammon boxes), add …

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  • Futonrevoltion

    This well-researched post (unsigned, sadly, but written by someone who actually owns a dictionary) is currently where not enough people will see it. So, I may as well put it here where no people will see it.

    More Gaider nonsense. "Canon" is generally understood to mean the official version of events; or as previously defined by Gaider, "Canon is something that we dictate regardless of choice. [1]" (6:44), or Canon means one version of events is the same for everyone.
    Since by definition (Gaider's and everyone else's), "canon" is something that cannot be changed by a player or playthrough, it makes no sense whatsoever to speak of ...the "canon" of [a player's] playthrough", or to say that "...some people have many "canon" saves, I imagine", as Ga…
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  • Futonrevoltion

    To: Coterie Legal Affairs (, Coterie Sales Staff (, Supervisor X (, Longshoreman X (
    From: Assassin X (
    Subject: Re: Missive 9:39

    I regret to inform you that shipment of one (1) dagger to the heart (

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