• Freya1968

    You ask how I “failed” in my mission? It was one bloody foul-up after another. Not even the fabled Andraste herself could have succeeded in this endeavor.

    When I agreed to this assignment, it was with the understanding that it would be my mission and mine alone. No one mentioned Antivan Crow involvement. Yes, yes, the Crows are an assassin guild, known for never failing their mission, but this particular Crow was... different.

    He was an elf, I can tell you that. And he wasn’t alone. There was another elf with him. I couldn’t tell you who exactly she was, but she bears a resemblance to the Hero of Fereldan, which is, of course ridiculous, but there you have it.

    Know this, the Coterie is not the only organization after the noble. Other …

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