• Firoas

    Thankyou for your kindly worded letter. I will simply assume you were out of black ink and had to resort using red? Regardless, you want to hear about the Orlesian. Funny story. Which I will relay to you in a story format.

    'Twas a bitter eve, the Orlesian nobles were gathered for a banquet. Those Orlesians do enjoy their banquets. The estate was situated in a dense grove, deep in the Val Foret woodlands. This allowed for plenty of cover for me and my assassin partner, Veynold. We watched the events of banquet unfold. It was a bore to say the least. I began playing an interesting take on a drinking game, where I would carve a line into a nearby tree for each sip of wine the target took. I drew a dragon! I digress. Just when I was about to f…

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