Ultimate money maker and EXP taker :: a.k.a. ( Allison in lothering or quest: traps are a girls best friend)

If you dont know already.. in Lothering there is a quest from a villiger named "allison" she is looking for 3 spring traps to place around her property.

If you've read up on her before you know you can repeat this many times..BUT this is GREATLY understated.

  1. first off.. to even be eligible to complete this you MUST have an equiped party member with the TRAP-MAKING talent or forget it.
  1. nextly it matters not if you run off the price-gouging merchant or not ( I did ) and you can take breaks ( like free Sten ) or do chantry board quests during this; which can be as long of a process as you wish ( i got sick of it once I hit 144 gold )
  1. it's so easy it's criminal... go to the local tavern... find BARLIN.. buy ALL the trap springs he has ( you'll notice once you clean him out a fresh (99) will appear buy until your broke or not if you wanna test it.... I played it safe but really there is no need.
  1. then have your random character ( i used Alistair the useless to take the talent ) make 99 spring traps..
  1. Go to allision and sell her the spring traps. (she buys them in groups of 3's which costs you about 7 silver to purchase and she gives 50 silver + EXP per sale!!!!! )
  1. BUT... hehe... she will buy all you have... NOT just the 3 she asks for
  1. Once your tapped of traps.. just go back to #3 and repeat... this can be done forever I think... I just about fell alseep so I stopped
  1. so to give an example of how good it works.. I had 2.7 gold and was lvl 6 when I began that lil' quest.... and my group was all Level 11 and 12th and had 144 gold when I stopped ( which I didnt have to )... ENJOY oh and support your local fecalphiliac!