First of all, I'm fairly new to the Dragon Age World. I played Origins when it came out, only picked up Dragon Age 2 a few months ago, and learned about inquisition last month. I've read summaries of the novels and comics, but haven't gotten an opportunity to pick them up myself yet. So, please give a little grace if this topic has already been covered. I've been following the trailers for Inquisition fairly closely, and something that intrigued me (and a lot of others) was the shot of what APPEARED to be the Inquisition fighting the Grey Wardens. I say appeared because it is always possible to infiltrate or impersonate (i.e. kill enough Grey Wardens or creates emblems on your armor to throw others off).

Now, one of the most recent trailers including a screenshot of Hawke (YES!!!) also had someone saying some pretty Anti-Maker comments. Now, part of me thinks it might be Corypheus, since he likely has the power to switch bodies upon death (sort of like an Archdemon, so maybe a Grey Warden has to kill him?). Now, I'm not going to even try to guess what the deal was with the "anti-Inquisitor" or the phrase where "you were a mistake." Neither smart nor creative enough to come up with a theory on that. But if Corypheus switched bodies at the end of Legacy, and then presumably switched again to someone else in the trailer, we saw he had the power to either influence or control not only darkspawn, but Grey Wardens as well. Again, this is assuming that he switched (but Bioware is sneaky and I think that's something they'd do, especially considering your companion Grey Warden's changed attitude near the end and Varric's cryptic "there is, it just hasn't happened yet"). But if that happened, what would be better than an army of mindless zombies that but attack? How about an army of veteran warriors that are the best fighters, mages, rouges and strategists: the Grey Wardens. Since he has influence over them even while sleeping, is he capable of complete control over them while awake?

So, that's a theory I have. Other thoughts I've had since the new trailers: - If Corypheus is obsessed with becoming a god or ascending into heaven, it would make sense for him to try to possess an Old God. Perhaps the dragon we see where it says "Bow before your new God" is Corypheus possessing an Old God. Adding a little credibility to the theory above where he controls the Grey Wardens: who knows the locations of Razikale? The Grey Wardens (according to this wiki and in DA: The Calling). Another perk of controlling them. It was by finding out about Malcom Hawke that Corypheus knew who to attack, and it is on another page in this wiki (I cannot find it again, I apologize) that we see another Warden kills himself after realizing Corypheus is directing him to learn about the seal and stealing the information from his mind. So if he took possession of all the Grey Wardens, he would learn the position and can direct the darkspawn to uncover Razikale much faster than random digging.

- The "new god" dragon is attacked by another dragon, and most people agree it isn't Flemeth (since she looks different), or Morrigan (since as far as we know, she can't). But Morrigan had a son with the soul of an old God- who take the form of dragons. A son of Morrigan would like naturally or be trained to shapeshift, possibly into a dragon. So might that be the son that we see attacking?

- Are there others like Corypheus? He wasn't the only magister to enter the Fade, but he seems to be the only one left. Were the others killed by Grey Wardens, or was he the most powerful?

So, those are some thoughts/things to consider on the new trailer. Please give your own thoughts. Again, I don't know everything about the DA universe, so if I missed something obvious or crucial, please weigh in.