Looking back on my life, nothing could ever be considered expected. There are a few things I should get out of the way, before I begin the story of my life. In case you’re wondering, yes. I am a werewolf and I have grey fur like most. I used to be a young boy of the Dalish elves. Ever since I transformed for the first time, I was raised by the Lady of the Forest. I had come to know her as Whitherfang even in her humanoid form. Probably because I apparently hung out with Swiftrunner for too long. Whitherfang would speak of the time when the Werewolves were a great ally to the Grey Wardens in the battle against the Blight. How Swiftrunner was a brilliant commander and brave enough to not only stare the Archdemon in the face, but to drive it to the point where a lone Grey Warden, born of the Dalish, could strike the final blow and end the Blight. But I digress. I forgot my elven name a year after I became a werewolf, but the Lady has given me the name Snowrunner, as I was found fleeing from the Dalish in the icy winter. I was only six when she found me, and she has been like a mother to me and Swiftrunner like a dedicated and protective father. But you may be wondering just how I, an elf turned werewolf, would ever be of any interest. Well, it all started at one point when I was ten. I was out learning to hunt with Swiftrunner when a bear had caught my attention. Swiftrunner had signaled a coordinated attack and we leapt out of the undergrowth toward the bear. I had my claws in it’s back, but it threw me off. I was frustrated, more or less enraged, actually. A great fire started to glow in my arms and I leapt back onto the bear, which died of major burns. Swiftrunner was breathless. The flames had died and I knew this would be a problem in the long run. Mages in the fade had the ability to sense those with Magical abilities, or so Whitherfang had told me. This would be a problem. My elven parents had disowned me, but I had really come to love the Lady and Swiftrunner as my own parents. Swiftrunner relayed the news of my magical potential to Whitherfang. I overheard everything they said.

Swiftrunner spoke first. “You should have seen him. His arms were engulfed in flame but his fur did not burn. If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is. Think what an opportunity this could be.”

“The Circle of Magi is constantly searching for those with magical ability. How long until they notice a werewolf who is tapping into the fade. We don’t have much time before they discover Snowrunner and take him away.” Whitherfang said. Swiftrunner was clearly not going to just hand me over to the Circle. He tried his best to hide his rage from Whitherfang, but reading the emotions of my fellow werewolves was easy.

“How long?” He asked. “When will they come?”

“The First enchanter himself would be the one to make the journey. We have three days left with him.” Whitherfang shed a small tear.

“Should we tell him? Snowrunner has a right to know.” Swiftrunner said.

“I shall tell him. It will not be easy.” She got up and walked over to the door I was peering out of. I ran to where I usually slept, and curled up like I always did. When she got to me, she laid her hand on my back. And I woke up (although I wasn’t really asleep).

“Uuuuh…. What? Whitherfang? What’s going on?” I asked feigning grogginess. I rubbed my eyes and allowed Whitherfang to speak.

“I’m afraid that you have magical potential.” She started to cry lightly now. This was confusing. If I could learn to hide it, the circle may not come, but I should let her finish. “The first enchanter will be here in three days to…take you away.” She broke down crying. I never liked to see her cry, and this was no exception. I hugged her tightly, and she pet the fur on my back. I loved it when she would do that. It made me feel that everything would be all right. But I couldn’t help but cry a bit, too. My arms released her and we would then spend the next three days sharing the love I had been accustomed to and she promised she would try to visit me in the fade. It was nearing the time when I would leave Whitherfang to fulfill my destiny. I awaited with Whitherfang at the entrance to the ruins and I saw a robed figure with a beard and an iron staff. This must have been the first enchanter. I hid behind Whitherfang before he saw me.

“I’m looking for Snowrunner. Are you their mother?” The first enchanter asked. He didn’t even seem remotely put off by the fact that Whitherfang stood completely naked, but he wouldn’t stop staring either.

“In a way. He’s adopted, as are all my children.” I must admire the first enchanters conviction. He just refused to leave. He finally caught sight of me and shifted backwards. I revealed myself, hoping the sole fact that I was a werewolf would drive him off and let me stay. But he just looked shocked.

“is this… Snowrunner?” He asked. Whitherfang nodded. “He’s a…a…a…” he was stuttering. I would have expected more composure from the first enchanter. Couldn’t he be able to tell what races were tapping into the Fade at any point. I decided to speak up for myself at this point.

“Maker’s Breath, is it that hard? I’m a werewolf!” the first enchanter was ready to pass out when he drank a swig of some blue liquid. He regained his composure and looked at me.

“I would have thought this a possibility. After all, the Dalish were not here for a year. You don’t understand much of the Circle. We can help you harness your power. But as it is, you are a risk to your…uhm…pack.” He had a point. What if I had burned Swiftrunner? After 20 seconds of thought I made my decision.

“I will go with you.”