• Fangoffenrir

    Looking back on my life, nothing could ever be considered expected. There are a few things I should get out of the way, before I begin the story of my life. In case you’re wondering, yes. I am a werewolf and I have grey fur like most. I used to be a young boy of the Dalish elves. Ever since I transformed for the first time, I was raised by the Lady of the Forest. I had come to know her as Whitherfang even in her humanoid form. Probably because I apparently hung out with Swiftrunner for too long. Whitherfang would speak of the time when the Werewolves were a great ally to the Grey Wardens in the battle against the Blight. How Swiftrunner was a brilliant commander and brave enough to not only stare the Archdemon in the face, but to drive it …

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