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    Deviant Souls

    October 18, 2012 by F3AR THE FAITH
    Val Royeaux, the capital of Orlais: Rumored to be the grandest place in all of Thedas. No matter how ostentatious or prosperous the province, they all had their rathole shacks which the common folk willingly found their shelter in.
    Ren was undecided if the dwellers of Val Royeaux’s slums preferred their indigent, but simple lifestyle versus the haughty, egotistical way of the well-born, aristocratic families.
    He trudged warily down a narrow cobbled road that Ren felt that he had seen a hundred times, he continued until he made out a figure: a doddery man, though the elderly man wasn’t asking for any “spare coin” his thoughtful gaze followed Ren with such an intensity that made Ren stop dead in his tracks and ungrudgingly hand the man a coope…
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