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  • Eternal Undead Dragon

    Trespasser, the final story DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been released yesterday. (Apologies for the delay of this post)

    It (seemingly) will finish up the story of The Inquisitor, or at least as an Playable character. The story will be set 2 years after Dragon Age: Inquisition's turbulous end, amidst scrutiny on the Inquisition by Ferelden, Orlais and the Andrastian Chantry while Qunari forces invade through the Eluvians..

    Bioware has hinted that Solas makes an comeback as a character while you can utilise the crew you had at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition (minus Solas).

    It is released for the PC (on Origin), PS4 and Xbox One, and costs USD/EUR 14,99.

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  • Eternal Undead Dragon

    The pre-Trespasser patch is now live across the Xbox, Playstation and PC networks. Bioware has fixed some issues, changed some abilities and added some new features. For the offical patch list, view it here

    With the patch also the trophies/achievements regarding Trespasser became available, although it (barely) gives away clues regarding the story of the DLC this time (although it seems likely it includes new game-options, akin to trials).

    Below a list of the fixes/changes (fixes are official as well as the added new features, changes to abilities are as observed by RShepard227)

    Warning: The patch might turn off friendly fire or vice versa. No definitive confirmation yet. If you notice it happens - go to the Menu, Options, Gameplay -> tick or…

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