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April 26, 2011
  • Erick21

    The moon sat low in the night sky; its eerie blue light reflecting off the still waters of the dozens of stagnant pools. The pungent smell of death filled the air around the village, thick as fog. He had no difficulty drawing breath, as he did not need the air to breathe, but this one’s lungs groaned against heavy acrid air. With each step he took, a sucking sound accompanied with a puff of gas emanated from under his feet. The ground was still covered in the oily substance left over from the abominations which haunted this land. Everywhere he looked he saw death. It shamed him that a place, once so beautiful, could be infected this far. Even as he admitted this to himself, hope fluttered in the pit of his stomach. There might be a ch…

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  • Erick21

    After finishing Dragon Age 2, my mind was racing with ideas and stories. I could not sleep or stop my mental meanderings. I had to write them down, had to empty the voices from my head. If you like what you read, please continue to tune as I will be posting each week a new chapter. And when the voices stop, the story will be told.

    READER BEWARE SPOILERS AHEAD. The events of this story take place after the events of Kirkwall, but ties in the adventures of the Warden in Ferelden. You need to have played Origins, Awakenings, and 2. This story includes the options I choose for my heroes, and may not be specific to your own playthroughs.

    Feel free to leave comments of your own. Please begin by reading the prologue first.

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