With the official announcement of Dragon Age 2 in March 2011, the much-discussed date of February 2011 has now more or less been confirmed as the former release date of said sequel.

Does this mean that the there are no more expansions planned for DA:O, however? Awakening was released roughly five months after the release of Origins and considering that there is roughly an eight month period (if the release date is not pushed further back, as we can assume it already has) until the release of DA 2, there is enough time for another expansion to be released. The ending of Awakenings certainly leaves the door open for more adventures, even if this may simply be a foreshadowing for the Grey Wardens role in the sequel.

One might argue that Bioware would not split up resources from a sequel for an expansion (especially when sequels tend to sell better), but let's not forget the DLCs: they are already resources that are not going into the development of the sequel, even if the quality and additional gametime of the DLCs may leave a lot to be desired. The nature of the last two DLCs, a what-if scenario and a "prequel", could also suggest that future DLCs (I for one, would love to see more prequels of the DA:O companions) are trying not to "rival" a future expansion pack, but that could also just be my tin foil hat barbequing my brains in the summer heat. --EltharionDrax (talk) 13:33, July 13, 2010 (UTC)