In this extract from my ongoing story of Dragon Age: Origins that I'm writing, Loghain has just left the War Council (hosted at Cailan's tent instead of in a ruin, seems more appropriate). The majority of my story is written from POV of my Warden, but there are going to be several chapters from other characters' POVs.

Loghain marched out of the tent in fury. Why couldn’t Cailan see the foolishness in his plan? This darkspawn incursion was clearly nothing more than a large horde, and not the world-ending Blight troublemakers and doomsayers such as the Grey Wardens claimed. The troops should simply withdraw into the ruined fortress as soon as they draw the horde into the valley, but he knew Cailan would never do it. He had too much of Maric in him to fall back from a fight, too much pride and fury. The nerve of him, though ... suggesting that Ferelden should hand over its king to a force of Orlesian chevaliers. Or worse, Grey Wardens. Loghain still remembered how the Grey Wardens tried to kidnap and kill Maric in a plot with Orlesian mages, and how they deluded Maric into thinking they were trying to protect him.

Loghain continued walking, travelling over the bridge to the other side of the ruin. Once there, he walked up to the barricade and called to one of his guardsmen. “I need you to do something. Two Grey Wardens will come up to the tower, intending to light the beacon to summon my army. Let them past, and kill them before they can. Once this is done, light the beacon and tell anyone who asks that the Wardens attacked you to try and stop you from lighting the beacon to summon my army.” The guardsman nodded in understanding, and threw up a salute as he walked away. With careful planning, Loghain may yet be able to save Ferelden from the Orlesians and the Wardens.

I like to think Loghain had more grand plans to help get out of Ostagar, possibly involving the rescue of Cailan using a portion of his army. I also think Loghain had plans to deal with Alistair and the Warden, but of course they get messed up by the darkspawn.