Hey so I've finally bothered to join the DA wiki and now I'm gonna make these blog posts fairly regularly ... cos they're fun! So I'm quite a fan of the Dragon Age series and I was thinking about the major amount of history there is in the Dragon Age world (particularly in Origins). I am planning to write my own story-type thing that expands on the background of a piece of equipment that just looks awesome - the Blood Dragon Armour. I have started to write it but haven't got very far. The character is going to be related to the original wearer (or might be the original wearer) of the armour and it's going to be about his revenge. I've already established that his home was destroyed by dragons and his family was killed, to give him nowhere to go back to. His one purpose in life is to get revenge on the dragons, so he became a dragon hunter. He seems lonely, so I may give him a companion (probably a Mabari hound).