So I've started to write a story about a new Grey Warden, recruited after the events of Awakening, during Dragon Age 2. The hero, Aedan Caron, has been rescued from a darkspawn ambush shortly after Awakening. Aedan is rescued by two very familiar faces, and encounters another afterwards. He is put through the Joining because he was infected by the Taint, and he becomes a powerful Grey Warden.

One character I am using is very familiar to fans of DA:O and Awakening, having accompanied the Warden in both adventures. He will be acting as one of the mentors of Aedan for a while, before I send him back to Vigil's Keep.

In a few days, I will post the first chapter of the story as a blog post, and I hope for comments for ideas and advice on how to expand on it.

Thanks in advance for the support. :)