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  • Eggy2504

    Read Chapter 1 on my blog here ->

    I woke abruptly in the middle of the night, confused and also comforted. Iona lay in bed next to me, still asleep. I looked up, and saw Conn sat at the foot of the door, barking loudly. Clearly this was what woke me up, and so I picked up one of Iona’s shoes and threw it at him. He growled at me, then returned to barking at the door.

    Iona woke and nuzzled against me, before looking up to see Conn barking again. “Goodness me, what is up with your poor dog? If he doesn’t stop barking, he’ll wake up half the castle!”

    “Don’t worry about it, my dear.” I planted a series of kisses on her neck, and she trembled wit…

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  • Eggy2504

    Read my previous blog post if you wish, to read a (not very well-written) prologue to this story. This story follows Aedan Cousland, a Human Noble Warrior as he joins the Grey Wardens and travels to Ostagar to face the oncoming Blight.

    I strode into the Grand Hall, still tired from the training I had been doing with several of the guards. I saw my father, Teryn Bryce Cousland, talking with another person, but could only see the back of his head, his short mop of grey hair looking slightly greasy in this light. Father called me over, and I ran over to him and his guest, who turned to see me. I recognised him from his large, broken nose and long, shapeless face. It was clearly Arl Rendorn Howe, my father’s best friend and trusted advisor.


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  • Eggy2504

    Here is a teaser/prologue to my story Dragon Age: Origin Of A Warden. It's hero is Aedan Cousland, a Human Noble Warrior, and most of it is written from his POV. In addition, some chapters and scenes (such as the one with Loghain on a previous blog post) will be written from another character's POV. Enjoy!

    Racing up the stairs of the ruined watchtower, I spun and hacked through the darkspawn soldiers. I led the charge up, cleaving my way up to the top of the steps. Alistair followed, bashing the foul hurlocks away, stabbing and slashing in short, effective thrusts. Conn, my mabari battle-hound, was last up the stairs, leaping on one of the last hurlocks and ripping its torso open with its rending claws and teeth.

    I began to relax slightly, c…

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  • Eggy2504

    In this extract from my ongoing story of Dragon Age: Origins that I'm writing, Loghain has just left the War Council (hosted at Cailan's tent instead of in a ruin, seems more appropriate). The majority of my story is written from POV of my Warden, but there are going to be several chapters from other characters' POVs.

    Loghain marched out of the tent in fury. Why couldn’t Cailan see the foolishness in his plan? This darkspawn incursion was clearly nothing more than a large horde, and not the world-ending Blight troublemakers and doomsayers such as the Grey Wardens claimed. The troops should simply withdraw into the ruined fortress as soon as they draw the horde into the valley, but he knew Cailan would never do it. He had too much of Maric i…

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  • Eggy2504

    Writer's notes. I wrote this 1000 word story a good long time ago, as a self-imposed challenge. It can also be found on my Blogger at the link at the bottom of the story. Feel free to give me feedback as to what you think of the writing style, the characters, the plot ... anything you like!

    In Orlais, everything was a Game. Goldman was definitely one of the players, rather than one of the pawns.

    As always, he wore a full face mask painted gold, and a plain purple hooded sleeveless jerkin, only half done up, as per the latest fashion in Orlais. Under this, he wore a chainmail shirt, golden of course, and black leggings, with ostentatious curled boots. A large coinpurse hung from his belt, a clear sign of his wealth, alongside a short sword wi…

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