• Dusan Tanasic

    Be warned I don't know how to use the editor properly. Details for DAI that I found on Gamebanshee (which was take from a translation of German printed games magazine Gamestar). These are the basics:

    Two new companions -The bald elf mage called Solas who is an apostate and expert for the fade -The Qunari Iron Bull. David Gaider describes with this words: He fears nothing only the past. -GameStar saw also an archer (likely Sera) -The Inquisitor can make his/her own rifts in the fade and summon demons.It's not understood if this is a special ability for all Inquisitor classes or just the mage class(personally I think we are finally getting a demon summoning blood mage) -No fade puzzles (transformations) like Origins -Two voice actors for… Read more >