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Cullen Dialogue - Broken Circle Quest (Fem!Mage)

Drakeling October 14, 2010 User blog:Drakeling

Here is the The Warden (Female Mage-Origin) and Cullen's dialogue from the Broken Circle Quest. Merely for reference, could be used for either Cullen's page or any other appropriate pages (well bits at least, it's quite long!)

It's a little chaotic, but I tried to keep it in order. Hopefully I haven't missed out any branches of the dialogue...

Note: My party = Wynne, Leliana & Alistair.

Cullen: This trick again? I know what you are. It won't work. I will stay strong...

1. Are you all right? (Goes to A)
2. Cullen! Don't you recognize me? (Goes to B)
3. A templar, and it seems he is prisoner. (Goes to A)
4. What won't work? (Goes to A)

B Cullen: Only too well... how far they must have delved into my thoughts... (Goes in to A)

A. Wynne: The boy is exhausted. And this cage... I've never seen anything like it. Rest easy... help is here.

Cullen: Enough visions. If anything in you is human... kill me now and stop this game.
Leliana: He's delirious. He's been tortured... and has probably been denied food and water. I can tell. Here, I have a skin of--
Cullen: Don't touch me! Stay away! Sifting through my thoughts... tempting me with the one thing I always wanted but could never have... Using my shame against me... my ill advised infatuation with her... a mage, of all things. I am so tired of these cruel jokes... these tricks... these...
1. Uh... I don' think I should be hearing this. (Goes to A1)
2. Stop it. You're embarassing me. (Goes to A1)
3. This is no trick. We're here to help. (Goes to A1)

A1 Cullen: Silence... I'll not listen to anything you say. Now begone! Still here? But that's always worked before. I close my eyes, but you are still here when I open them.

1. Just tell me where the surviving mages are. (Goes to A2)
2. Makes you wish you hadn't said those things, doesn't it? (Goes to B1)
3. I'm real, and I'm here to help you. (Goes to E1)
4. I am no trick of the mind. (Goes to E1)
5. You're pretty dense, aren't you? (Goes to E1)

B1 Cullen: I am beyond caring what you think. The Maker knows my sin, and I pray that he will forgive me.

1. There is nothing wrong with liking someone. (Goes to B1-a)
2. Why does it cause you so much pain? (Goes to B1-b)
3. I'm sorry if I ever led you on. It would never have worked. (Goes to B1-a)

B1-a Cullen: It was the foolish fancy of a naive boy. I know better now. (Goes to C1)

B1-b Cullen: You are a mage and I, a templar. It is my duty to oppose you and all you are (Goes to C1)

C1 Cullen: Why have you returned to the tower? How did you survive?

1. I defeated everything in my way. Now it's Uldred's turn. (Goes to D1)
2. Greagoir told me what happened; I knew I had to help. (Goes to B2)
3. I survived through quick wit and talent, of course. (Goes to F1)
4. Is it so surprising that I've returned? This was my home. (Goes to G1)

D1 Cullen: Good... kill Uldred. Kill them all for what they've done. They caged us like animals... looked for ways to break us. I'm the only one left... They turned some into... monsters. And... there was nothing I could do.

1. Where are Irving and the other mages? (Goes to A2)
2. Uldred will pay for what he's done. (Goes to C2)
3. You must stay strong. (Goes to C2)
4. Be thankful it wasn't you. (Goes to E2)

E1 Cullen: Don't blame me for being cautious. The voices... the images... so real... (Goes to C1)

F1 Cullen: Yes. how proud you are of your power. Just like Uldred, and look what's become of him now. (Goes in to D1)

G1 Cullen: As it was mine. And look what they've done to it. They deserve to die. Uldred most of all. (Goes in to D1)

A2 Cullen: What others? What are you talking about?

Wynne: Irving and the other mages who fought Uldred. Where are they?
Cullen: They are in the Harrowing Chamber. The sounds coming out from there... oh, Maker...
Wynne: We must hurry. They are in grave danger, I am sure of it.
Cullen: You can't save them. You don't know what they've become.
1. We can't just kill them all. (Goes to A3)
2. I am a mage too, Cullen. (Goes to B3)
3. And you do? (Goes to A3)
4. I don't understand. What are you afraid of? (goes to A3)

B2 Cullen: Good... kill Uldred. Kill them all for what they've done. (Goes to D1)

C2 Cullen: And to think I once thought we were too hard on you.

1. I've heard talk of others. Of survivors. (Goes to A2)
2. We're not all evil, Cullen. ( Goes to D2)
3. Watch what you say to me. I am a mage. (Goes to F2)

D2 Cullen: Only mages have that much power at their fingertips. Only mages are so susceptible to the infernal whisperings of the demons.

Wynne: This is a discussion for another time! Irving and the other mages who fought Uldred. Where are they? (Goes to A2)

E2 Cullen: Don't think I'm not grateful... but why should I live when my friends lie dead, their bodies and spirits broken? (Goes in to C2)

F2 Cullen: Did a mage not start this? Isn't one of you to blame? (Goes to D2)

B3 Cullen: But you haven't been up there. You haven't been under their influence. (Goes in to A3)

A3 Cullen: They've been surrounded b-by blood mages whose wicked fingers snake into your mind and corrupt your thoughts.

Alistair: His hatred of mages is so intense... the memory of his friends' deaths is still fresh in his mind.
Cullen: You have to end it, now, before it's too late.
1. What do you propose we do? (Goes to A4)
2. I want to save everyone who can possibly be saved. (Goes to B4)
3. I will not kill an innocent. (Goes to B4)

B4 Cullen: Are you really saving anyone by taking this risk? (Goes in to A4)

A4 Cullen: To ensure this horror is ended... to guarantee that no abominations or blood mages live, you must kill everyone up there.

1. I'd rather spare maleficarum than risk harming an innocent. (Goes to A5)
2. I hate to admit it, but you are probably right. (Goes to B5)
3. I cannot decide on that before seeing what's going on. (Goes to C5)

A5 Wynne: Thank you. I knew you would make a rational decision.

Cullen: Rational? How is this rational? Do you understand the danger?
Wynne: I know full well the dangers of magic, but killing innocences becaues tehy might be maleficarum is not justice. I know you are angry--
Cullen: You know nothing! I am thinking about the future of the Circle. Of Ferelden.
1. It isn't as bad as you make it out to be. (Goes to A6)
2. I do not want the blood of innocents on my hands. (Goes to A6)
3. You're right. It's not worth the risk. (Goes to B5)
4. I do not fear Maleficarum -- they should fear me. (Goes to D5)

B5 Cullen: You understand what you must do. I would help, but as you can see, I am in no position to do anything.

1. I'd prefer to keep you out of danger, anyway. (Goes to B6)
2. I could free you, and then you could help us. (Goes to B6)
3. We will come back for you after we deal with Uldred. (Goes to A7)

C5 Cullen: That is your choice to make, but I beg you to consider whatI have to say. You cannot tell Maleficarum by sight. Just one could influence the mind of a king, of a grand cleric.

1. I've made my decision. (Goes to A8)
2. It isn't as bad as you make it out to be. (Goes to A6)
3. I do not want the blood of innocents on my hands. (Goes to A6)
4. You're right. It's not worth the risk. (Goes to B5)
5. I do not fear Maleficarum -- they should fear me. (Goes to D5)

D5 Cullen: You may be confident in your ability to stand up to them, but what about the rest of us? Will you protect us from them?

1. Stay safe. It will be over soon. (Goes to A8)
2. We don't know that they are all blood mages. (Goes to A6)
3. Rest easy. I will get rid of these pesky mages. (Goes to B5)

A6 Cullen: I am just willing to see the painful truth, which you are content to ignore. But what can I do? As you can see, I am in no position to directly influence your actions, though I would love to deal with the mages myself.

1. Good. Then you can't cause any trouble. (Goes to A7)
2. Perhaps I can free you. (goes to C6)
3. We will deal with you once Uldred lies dead. (Goes to A7)

B6 Cullen: The highest priority is prying the tower away from these rogue mages. It must be done. (Goes in to A7)

C6 Cullen: Don't waste time on me... deal with Uldred, if that is what you plan to do. Once he is dead, I will be freed.

1. And then I will also decide what to do with the others. (Goes to A8)
2. Stay safe. It will be over soon. (Goes to A8)
3. Yes, everyone will be freed. Including the mages. (Goes to A8)

A7 Cullen: My cage is Uldred's doing... or one of his mages. Once they're dead, I will be free.

1. And then I will also decide what to do with the others. (Goes to A8)
2. Stay safe. It will be over soon. (Goes to A8)

Following options if B5 was selected: (Basically these options appear if you agree with Cullen to kill everyone)

1. Stay safe. It will be over soon. (Goes to B8)
2. It's unfortunate that so many have to die for his mistakes. (Goes to B8)

A8 Cullen: No one ever listens, not until it's far too late. Maker turn his gaze on you. I hope your compassion hasn't doomed us all. [End conversation]

B8 Cullen: Sometimes terrible things must be done to protect the greater good.

Wynne: What greater good? What good is done by killing the innocent? I cannot allow this. I will defend this Circle to the death.
Alistair: Whoa... one second here. I sense that things are going quickly downhill.
1. The time for talk is over. (Goes to A9)
2. If the old lady wants a fight, she can have one. (Goes to A9)

A9 Wynne: You will have to get through me to harm the others.

Leliana: No, please... we don't have to fight. Just stay here, Wynne. We will take care--
Wynne: Thank you for your concern, my dear, but it is too late. We've all made our choices. I cannot let you harm them. I am sorry we could not agree, and I am sorry that I must stop you. [End conversation, battle with Wynne] (Alistair disapproves -5, Leliana -3)

Phew! All done!

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