• Drakeling

    Here is the The Warden (Female Mage-Origin) and Cullen's dialogue from the Broken Circle Quest. Merely for reference, could be used for either Cullen's page or any other appropriate pages (well bits at least, it's quite long!)

    It's a little chaotic, but I tried to keep it in order. Hopefully I haven't missed out any branches of the dialogue...

    Note: My party = Wynne, Leliana & Alistair.

    Cullen: This trick again? I know what you are. It won't work. I will stay strong...

    1. Are you all right? (Goes to A)
    2. Cullen! Don't you recognize me? (Goes to B)
    3. A templar, and it seems he is prisoner. (Goes to A)
    4. What won't work? (Goes to A)

    B Cullen: Only too well... how far they must have delved into my thoughts... (Goes in to A)

    A. Wynne: The boy is exhau…

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