As I stated in my previous "DA3 Nexus" blog, I have many ideas for Dragon Age III. This time, lets talk about Darkspawn. No enemy in Dragon Age Origins had as much variety as the darkspawn had; their seemingly limitless numbers allow operators in every field of expertise.

But between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, Darkspawn shifted to a minor antagonist force; also, the darkspawn themselves shifted into pitiful versions of themselves. But completely ridding of some of their concepts would be bad. Here's my list on how darkspawn should be in DA3.

- - - - - - -

Most Genlocks would appear as they did in DAO, Alphas and Emissaries included. But some would keep the gorilla-like appearance from Legacy; this would become "Genlock Chargers" and "Genlock Praetorians".

First assigned as scouts, the Charger would soon replace the Genlock Runner because of their superior speed, strength, and durability. Later, Chargers would be discovered as excellent shock troopers, many would find themselves leading a Darkspawn charge alongside Hurlocks. The shield-bearing Genlock alphas from Legacy would be absolved into the darkspawn "Praetorians", a group of that act as personal bodyguards for Alphas and Emissaries. Aside from that, each decently-sized band of darkspawn would have at least one Praetorian acting as the tank.

Now on to Hurlocks. In DA2, hurlocks looked fugly... in a bad way. So, in DA3 they would return to being what they looked like in DAO. As the Darkspawn horde grew, the darkspawn needed more leaders but Alphas were rare. Thanks to Corypheus' aid, there came the Hurlock Officer... an easier-to-produce and expendable knock off of hurlock alphas; these Officers would command small groups while true Alphas would lead larger formations.

Shrieks needed more love - while most of their appearance would be left unchanged, their faces would be made more reptilian to inspire a greater fear. Shriek Alphas would wear masks to cover their mouths, giving them more a roguish look. Shrieks would have Emissaries of a different kind; "Spellhunters" who combine both Rogue and Mage abilities into a single fighting style.

Ogres in DAO were terrifying in both appearance and fighting power... sadly, they lost their terrifying form in DA2. But I see the logic of their new appearance to link themselves further to the Qunari (their parent race). In DA3, they should recover their terrible visage while retaining their DA2 look. Ogre Alphas would wear better armor than normal Ogres. Finally Armored Ogres should make a appearance once more.

- - - - - - -

Thats it for the Darkspawn.