Everything was going according to plan, but plans change apparently...

I approached the building in the night, pausing to hide behind a pillar as a pair of guards walked by. I could have easily slain them, but I didn't want to risk making noise. Slowly I crept up to the door, and I smirked when I discovered this cheap noble bastard had such a flimsy lock. After picking the lock I snuck inside, and began making my way to the upper floors.

I knew he would likely be asleep at this hour, and as such took the stairs up. Pausing halfway to duck beneath the stairs as a servant walked past. As big a that elf's ears were he didn't hear me. Once he was gone I continued to the top floor. Finding the master bedroom I reached for the knob to hear he was not sleeping, but laying with his mistress!

Curiosity got the better of me, and I took the time to watch. Trying to decide how best to slay the noble, if I should slay his mistress with him. But all that was decided for me, when she caught sight of my peeking. She let out a scream, the noble yelled for his guards, and before I could respond I heard the heavy footsteps approaching.

Rushing to a nearby window, I leaped out just as those tin-plated buffoons reached the corridor. Leaping out and landing in the bushes, I scrambled to my feet and fled. I promise sirs, if you spare me I will not make such a stupid mistake again!