Faren grunted as a hand shook him, first slowly but then more firmly until he began to sit up. The hand pulled back, and as he opened his eyes they fell on his sister Rica standing by his bed. She was already dressed, indicating to the warden he'd overslept once more since moving into the palace.

"Get up, sleepy head." Rica said, whispering to him, "Bhelen wants to see you. He asked me to bring you to his room, he has a job for you." She stepped back as Faren slid his legs over the edge of the bed, still in his small clothes. Rica backed away further and turned around, as Faren pulled on the rest of his clothes. Sliding on his leathers, and strapping his blades to his hips and tapping Rica's shoulder to signal he was decent.

Rica lead Faren out of the warden's room and down the hallways to Bhelen's room. The new king of Orzammar sat at his desk, dressed in his usual mail and wearing Branka's crown. Once the two were in the room, Bhelen gave Rica a look. She nodded, left the room, and closed the door leaving Faren alone with his brother in law.

"Come closer, Warden. You never know who may be listening at the door." Faren nodded and walked over to Bhelen's desk, crossing his arms over his chest. "I know you don't like small talk, so I'll cut to the chase. I've been informed that a few remnants of House Harrowmont have taken to hiding in Dust Town. Every time I send my men there, they fail to track them down. You know that place better than them, Warden. Find the Harrowmonts there and silence them."

With a grim nod Faren turned and walked out of the room, seeing Rica waiting just down the hall. They exchanged a brief glance, but it was all she needed to know what Bhelen had sent her brother off to do. He walked down the hall to the main foyer of the palace, before finding the exit and continuing his way down to Dust Town.

Faren couldn't help but smile as he looked across his former home. What was once a pit of utter despair and depravity, had turned into an almost honorable town thanks to Bhelen's new caste laws. Thugs who had once hid in the shadows with blades at the ready now proudly walked around in mail with swords in scabbards. Faren crouched, slipping into the shadows of Stealth and began to slink along the outskirts.

Silent steps brought the dwarf to house after house, and each time he circled it cautiously. Listening for any sound of chatter inside that may indicate a hideout. When he was certain he'd checked every house, he emerged from Stealth to approach one of the casteless who'd not yet abandoned his criminal ways. A squat, shaved and beardless dwarf that watched every passerby intently and sizing up the possible contents of their purses.

Faren approached, smirking as he spoke, "Afternoon, Salroka. What's shapin'?" The other dwarf nearly jumped out of his skin at the soft voice behind him, before turning and recognizing an old friend. "Sod it, duster, I almost ran you through. You oughta know better than to sneak up on me. What do you want?"

"I know you're good with information, and I hear tell there's a few nobles holed up down here. Disgraced members of house Harrowmont, enemies to the new King." The dwarf looked up, pondering it for a moment and scratching at the stubble on his chin. "Hmm, I heard a rumor about that but, what do you want to know for? Why should I bother to help you, I heard about Leske and Jarvia. What makes you think I wanna help you?"

Faren gripped the dagger on his belt and grinned, "There's a bounty on your head, Salroka. You think nobody noticed a rash of muggings down here? I could turn you in to the guards, and paint the walls red in my search without your help."

The dwarf gulped, before slumping, "Sod...Fine, I'll show you." The two slipped silently through the shadows, before stopping at one of the smaller houses, "They're in here. About two nobles, and three guards. They keep to the basement so nobody hears 'em."

Faren waved the other dwarf off, signaling he cold leave, before examining the house and finding a small window in the back. Just big enough to slip through. Once inside, he slipped once more into Stealth and crept silently down the stairs into the dark. For a few moments it was almost pitch black, but growing up in Dust Town lent the Warden skill in dealing with a lack of sight. Finally he saw and felt the gentle glow of a fire.

At the base of the stairs stood three dwarves, each clad in heavy plate and armed. Behind them, far in the corner eating greasy chunks of nug off dirty plates were what had to be nobles. Their clothes were of fine make, but the time spent in Dust Town had taken its toll. They were worn, torn, and matted with dust and filth. Faren almost felt sorry for them, he knew how tough it was to live here.

He steeled himself, reminding himself that these men were enemies to his new house. The fire would make things difficult as well, so he drew as close as he dared. One hand grabbed the curved dagger from his belt, while the other scooped up a handful of dust off the floor. With a single fling of it the three guards attempted to cover their faces and began coughing.

It was all the distraction Faren needed, as he drew his other dagger and stepped into the light. His first strike found the space between a guard's helmet and armor, piercing windpipe and neck in one fell stab. The second worked its way up another guard's armor through a weak point in the side to stab through the rib cage and hit his heart. As Faren pulled his blades free, the third guard was regaining his senses. He swung wildly with his ax, but Faren ducked under it and sent two blades into the helmet slits before kicking him to the floor.

In the commotion the two nobles had dropped their food, and now sat huddled in the corner. One of them feebly lifted a jewel-encrusted sword as a last defense, but it was in vain. Faren approached, coldly and slowly, knocking the sword aside and stabbing both nobles in the chest. Yanking his daggers from their bodies, he watched them go limp before turning. The third guard was still alive, though blinded. Faren stooped down to slit his throat, before returning his blades to his hips and ascending the stairs.

The doors to Bhelen's room opened slowly, and the King looked up to see Faren standing there. The two exchanged nods, before Bhelen reached for a small pouch of coin and tossed it to Faren. He caught it and left, unable to look at Rica as he returned to his room.