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  • Dracowrath

    Faren's Tasks

    September 27, 2013 by Dracowrath

    Faren grunted as a hand shook him, first slowly but then more firmly until he began to sit up. The hand pulled back, and as he opened his eyes they fell on his sister Rica standing by his bed. She was already dressed, indicating to the warden he'd overslept once more since moving into the palace.

    "Get up, sleepy head." Rica said, whispering to him, "Bhelen wants to see you. He asked me to bring you to his room, he has a job for you." She stepped back as Faren slid his legs over the edge of the bed, still in his small clothes. Rica backed away further and turned around, as Faren pulled on the rest of his clothes. Sliding on his leathers, and strapping his blades to his hips and tapping Rica's shoulder to signal he was decent.

    Rica lead Faren …

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  • Dracowrath

    Alim's Calling

    September 22, 2013 by Dracowrath

    The elf stepped slowly over the threshold into the tunnel, giving a wave of his hand to relight the old torches along the stone walls. The sudden brightness illuminated the horde of darkspawn crowding the pathway, making them growl and roar in surprise. The elf stared at them through the slits in his helmet, silently counting the horde before him and realizing it was a fool's errand.

    His gauntleted right hand reached for his sword, drawing the curved elven blade. Sparks of electricity danced along its blade from the ancient enchantments woven into the very metal. His left hefted his square shield, its heraldry mostly faded and vaguely resembling a wolf's face. His slim, elven body was clad in plate that looked far too heavy. Deep red mail c…

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  • Dracowrath

    Everything was going according to plan, but plans change apparently...

    I approached the building in the night, pausing to hide behind a pillar as a pair of guards walked by. I could have easily slain them, but I didn't want to risk making noise. Slowly I crept up to the door, and I smirked when I discovered this cheap noble bastard had such a flimsy lock. After picking the lock I snuck inside, and began making my way to the upper floors.

    I knew he would likely be asleep at this hour, and as such took the stairs up. Pausing halfway to duck beneath the stairs as a servant walked past. As big a that elf's ears were he didn't hear me. Once he was gone I continued to the top floor. Finding the master bedroom I reached for the knob to hear he was …

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