I really do love the game, and name it among my favorites. This does not mean it's above the critique that many of the fans over-zealously try to shield it from. And I'm not talking about sustained, consistent bitching, but treating every brief and justified criticism as a troll attack they must counter with their final breath (even though that's ironically what fuels a troll.) And all over the TVTropes, there are fans who seem to make a full time job of judiciously striking down instances of a trope demonstrated by the game, even though 'Tropes Are Not Bad' -- not even bothering to make edits according to objectivity and wiki guidelines, but simply excising them with an all-too-often contemptive excuse for the reason.

I'm really not accusing this site or anyone at this site. I honestly haven't seen it here, partly because I got my few rants out of my system on imdb, and partly because I see more activity among such a variety of interesting topics that the critiques don't come to mind as often. When I have included a critical statement, no one has made themselves self-appointed defender of the author and publisher, nor have I seen people go into a feeding frenzy over any critiques. Such behavior is so unwarranted that I'm relieved not to have found it here.