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  • DokEnkephalin

    fanbase defensiveness

    September 9, 2010 by DokEnkephalin

    I really do love the game, and name it among my favorites. This does not mean it's above the critique that many of the fans over-zealously try to shield it from. And I'm not talking about sustained, consistent bitching, but treating every brief and justified criticism as a troll attack they must counter with their final breath (even though that's ironically what fuels a troll.) And all over the TVTropes, there are fans who seem to make a full time job of judiciously striking down instances of a trope demonstrated by the game, even though 'Tropes Are Not Bad' -- not even bothering to make edits according to objectivity and wiki guidelines, but simply excising them with an all-too-often contemptive excuse for the reason.

    I'm really not accusi…

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  • DokEnkephalin

    This is me!

    August 7, 2010 by DokEnkephalin

    "Once they've turned every available inch of their account into one big, obnoxious ad for themselves, the Shameless Self Promoter will then go on the offensive. They may go slowly at first, one piece of ego stoking Self Insert Fic here, one link to their boring website there, but eventually they will get to the point where they'll be starting whole threads based on some piece of crappy Fan Art they drew or Emo poem they wrote. These threads will typically go on for several pages (with half the posts being by the self promoter) and will only end when the Shameless Self Promoter stops getting praise and goes off to advertise themselves in a thread that people actually care about." — St. Duckluck the Humble, Savior of the People. [1]

    That's …

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