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  • Direwolf484

    I know many people like to argue about the abilities of Templars, so I am going to offer my opinion. Templars are way more effective than the average populace here thinks. There, I said it. Why? Well, let's take a look at a theoretical average Templar build. I emphasize average.

    Templar Armor: 20% Spell Resistance. Not horribly effective, but 1 in 5 spells not working is decent. 3 Willpower, 5 Mental Resistance. This is okay, paired with the bonuses of being a Templar, Mental Resistance is fairly strengthened. Now, considering the Templars ask for non-Grandmaster runes for the Final Battle, we can assume they would use them their weaponry. Based off the theory that the average, low-rank Templar uses Steel-Veridium equipment, they would hav…

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