I'd written this small passage, imagining how I thought the Warden's search for Morrigan would go, after the events of Awakening. I must confess, the Morrigan-Warden plot, is the most interesting thing to me in the game. I'll be greatly disappointed if it does not have a happy ending. Pardon the mistakes of spellings and grammer, English isn't my first language.

A bird chirped in the trees overhead, and he woke up with start. He was sweating. It was the same old dream. Disembodied whispers in the darkness, a yearning to claw the ground beneath with his bare dig, and dig, and to keep on digging until....he shuddered. The time would come when the dreams would grow worse, he knew. The whispers would become more distinct and his head would throb even harder, and then he would have to go in the great darkness, but there was still time. There was still time, and he had work to do....many miles to go ere the end....and he wanted to see the face of his child before he died.

He sat up and pulled his pack close. The salted meat would last a few more days. Then he'll have to find some local fare in the forests itself. He ate quickly, buried the remains of his fire and packed camp. In half an hour he was back on the forest path the hunters had shown him. Perhaps today he'll finally find her, he thought. Maybe in the next clearing....or maybe in the one after that....he still had hope. That was what kept him going. That was what had kept him going the last two years. There hadn't been any farewells or goodbyes when he had left. After Amaranthine had been saved and the broodmother was slain, he had returned to the keep one last time. He had written a letter to Fergus explaining that he was going on a longish journey and that all his possessions now belonged to him. He had apologised for not coming to say goodbye. He sent that letter and his entire trunk of weapons and armour, to Highever with a few soldiers. Another letter he wrote to Alistair, again apologising for the hurried departure. That was it. That evening he had walked out of the keep quitely, with a small pack, as though he was going to scout the nearby country, and he had never looked back since. No one knew why he had left or where he had gone to, and that was for the best. They would have tried to stop him. They would not have understood. They did not know her as he did. They did not owe their lives to her, and it wasn't their child that she had borne. And they did not love her, as he loved her. That is why, he had to find her. "I will find you, Morrigan", he muttered to himself for the millionth time. It had been his mantra for the last two years, ever since he had set out.
He travelled South first, to the Kocari Wilds, where he had met her for the first time. For a month he had wandered, many times running in to the Chasind folk. He had asked them for help....asked them if they knew anything about her....but they were clueless. The Witch of the Wilds was dead....that is all they knew. He had left. Travelled West across the Frostbacks. Rumours there said that they had seen a sorceress cross by many months ago, and that she was pregnant. He remembered clearly that the first time he had heard this, it was in a run down tavern, half full with dirty drunk dwarves. His heart had skipped a beat, and he had felt something he could not explain. It was love, sorrow, happiness and yearning all together. He had thrown a few sovereigns on the bar and treated everyone in the tavern to the best brew in the house. Then he had moved on.
From the Frostbacks further West across the Dales, into Orlais and then North West across the Blasted hills into the Hunterhorn mountains, he had searched tirelessly. Each day he had walked from the dawn to dusk and sometimes through out the night. He had searched, each day, hoping that that would be the day he would find her. Many times he had lost hope, but then memories of those long nights floated back to him....the nights at camp, with her by his side.....her freshness and innocence, like a dewy morning after a thunderstorm...And those memories made him get up and start walking again. And then there had been that night in the Dales.....he had been depressed and had lost all had been nearly six months since he had set out, but he had found only rumours.....then suddenly he felt something, unusual....a pang of sorrow and regret. He could not understand what was happening. Then he realised he had been fingering the ring unconsciously, the ring Morrigan had given to him. In a flash he understood that it was her feelings that he had been experiencing....all night long he stayed awake, the ring held tightly in his fist, for just one more sign.....anything....but nothing had happened. He had cheered up slightly though. He knew what he had felt, and he knew she was still out there somewhere, and that she had remembered him. That was enough. He had walked on.
And now, two years hence he was here, at the Southern border of Anderfels. Somehow he did not think she would have gone any further North. Two weeks ago he had met hunters in the forest who had pointed out the path to Weisshaupt for him. He planned to pass by the fort and go East towards the Nocen sea and then maybe into Tevinter. There, he felt he might find some trace of her. Or maybe a mage learned enough to decipher the magic in the ring, and reverse it, so that he could find her.
The sun was bright, but there was still a chill in the early morning air. Next to the path a small mountain stream flowed, it's water cold and clear. He looked at his reflection mirrored in the water. No one would recognize him now, he thought. No one would know that he was once the younger son of Teryn Bryce Cousland. His beard and hair had grown very long, and his face had become gaunt, with shadows beneath his eyes. His armour, which had been made out of the finest dragon skin, had lost its sheen and glimmer. He looked more like a down on luck mercenary than a Teryn. He laughed to himself. was strange how life worked. First he had lost everything family, wealth and even his life almost....Then he had risen again and not only regain Highever, but he had even been made the Teryn of Gwaren and then the Arl of Amaranthine. And then he had left it all. He wondered what might be happening back in Fereldan. News was scarce on the road. How was Alistair doing? How were things in Gwaren and Highever.....Fergus would have his hands full. To manage two was almost half the kingdom.....but he was a good administrator. Maybe he had remarried......maybe Alistair and Anora had had a child finally......or as Alistair might have said, that he had finally licked a lamppost in winter.....he smiled to himself, a warmth spreading through him despite the chill in the air. He wanted to go back someday, that was for sure...he really wanted to go back, but when that day would be he did not know. First he had to find Morrigan, and his child, wherever they were. He did not really know what he would do once he found them. Morrigan had, till the very end, been unmoving on this point. She had to go, and he should not follow, she had kept saying. But he told her he would.....and he had promised her that he would always protect her. And he kept his promises. Furthermore she had his child.....his child......his own blood, with the soul of a God....he had to find her, there was no question about that. Then he would try to persuade her to return.....somehow. And if she did not agree, well...he knew he could not leave her, but neither could he never go back to Fereldan......I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, he thought to himself.
Suddenly he thought he saw a figure run across the path in front of him. He stood stumped for a moment, and then ran after it into theforest. He heard the leaves rustling ahead of him, whatever it was running away from him swiftly....."Morrigan!", he called...."Morrigan wait!", he shouted again and again, as he chased the sound of the rustling, until all of a sudden he came to the edge of the forest and saw in the distance a deer bounding away. A deer. He stood for a moment, regaining his breath. The path turned right, along the wall of the mountain, and in front of him was a steep cliff, with grassy plains stretching off into the horizon at its base. It was a breath taking vista. The deer had vanished back into the forest. He felt an overwhelming desire to shout at the top of his lungs, until they burst out of his chest.....maybe that would relieve his frustration.........
But then he felt the ring on his finger again.....the sun had warmed the wood. He took it off and held it in his had, caressing it gently.....the grain seemed to change shapes as he twirled the ring. He looked up across the great expanse below him. Somewhere out there, beyond the horizon, or maybe beyond many horizons was Morrigan. With her was his child. He loved her and he had sworn to protect her, and he knew that no matter what she said, in her heart, she loved him. That was all that mattered to him. That was all that would matter to him ever more. "I will find you, Morrigan", he muttered under his breath, as he turned and began descending down the path," I will find you, even if I must travel to the ends of the world."