• Denevari

    A Plea of Ignorance

    September 30, 2011 by Denevari

    Esteemed Coterie,

    When I arrived in Orlais, I knew but three things: it is a land of beauty, it is a land of piety, and it is a land of extraordinarily petty nobility. I did not know that this pettiness is exacerbated by the bards, the spies and so-called “pawns” of the aristocracy. Though they claim no real stake in the Great Game (this is what the nobility call the vying for favor that consumes their less than meaningful lives) beyond love of intrigue, the bards play more of a role in keeping the Game alive than their patrons do. It is dangerous to assume that lack of title equates to lack of power.

    I came with worse than no knowledge-- I came with false expectations. Even now, having played a bit of the Game—clumsily, I regret to say—I ca…

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