Let me tell you of the time I failed to finish a contract. It's what caused me to flee to Ferelden. I was already a wanted man but I was given one last job. I was hired to assassinate some Orlesian noble. He wasn't a bad man I guess but a jobs a job right? Anyways I managed to get into the castle during some fancy party for the queens birthday. The noble I was after was dancing with his wife so i figured it was a good opportunity and mingled in and start to dance with this beautiful woman I forgot her name sadly. I go to get close to him without drawing attention. Once I'm close I stay near and wait till the dance finishes to catch him. The dance ends and I manage to get to him I draw my blade and go to stab him. Little did I realize the woman I was dancing with was still next to me and saw me go for the noble and scream so loud The whole place gets alerted to me and guards start to run towards me. So I start sprinting for the door and right before I get out a arrow hits my ear taking half of it. Still a keep running after a few minutes I manage to lose them by hiding in a vacant house. I had to hideout there for almost a day. Once things cooled down a bit I got a ride from a trading caravan to the next city from there I took a boat to Ferelden and here I am.

--Darkspawnknight (talk) 08:48, September 27, 2011 (UTC)