I am doing a friend fiction sort of with Xsari's character from my Lord Couslands Dinner Party board. I have more of these planned so more of my friends will get the chance to be in my friend fictions. This one is about somthing from Lord Couslands history in wich his mage wife is on the run from the Templars trieing to find her way back home and meets Xsari's character it is also the story of her death; Xsari's chracter never knows this woman is lady Cousland because she never gives her her real name.It is also before the breach happens so Xsari's character is not an agent of the Inqision yet neigher is Lord Cousland. It is from the point of view of Scaea who is Xsari's character. Let me know what you all think. Xsari feel free to edit anything you think may not be in line with your characters personality, but I will try to keep it as close as I can.

Dragon Age. Dawn of Heroes: Part 1

Scaea Cadash was a very optimistic dwarf. She liked making money, and probably making romances even more. She was tired after a long day of killing bandits that kept trying to rob her on the road. She wanted to reach the fabled Teventer Ruins excavation, which if her sources had been correct was home to a lot of really valuable artefacts that would make Scaea an immensely wealthy dwarf. She was traveling in Ferelden were she would find an inn called The Wicked Sorceress. She was to then meet a contact inside.

It was around ten o clock in the evening when she finally reached the front door to the inn. She walked in and saw it was a rather large place with lots of patrons, be they shadowy or honest. The smell was a mixture of strong drink and bad body odor with the the faintest hint of second class music playing in the background. In other words this was her kind of place.

She looked around carefully scanning the area; hand on one of her dagggers ready if danger decided to show itself. After a little while she finally spotted her contact. He was a big burly man named Barlen. She sat down next to him at the bar. Before she even addressed him she ordered a drink.

"What would you like?" the inn keeper asked.

"Give me a dwarven ale and make it extra strong" she said.

The inn keeper filled a mug with a dark brown liquid and handed it to her. She took it and drank the ale. It went down her throat in a completly satisfying way.

"Thats's the good stuff" she said. She than tured to the man seated next to her.

If Scaea had learned anything in her life it was that strangers (regardless of whether you had business dealings with them or not) were not always to be trusted, so naturally she made every "contact" learn a code phrase.

"Can a Griffen kill a Dragon?" she asked.

"Only if the Dragon is a baby Dragon" he responded.

The response was right. This man was Barlen.

"Well now that's out of the way I suggest we get to the matter at hand, what do you say Muscles?"

"Muscles?" Barlen responded.

"One thing you should learn about me is that I like to give poeple nicknames. Now are we going to do this or not?"

Barlen merely raised his eyebrows and said "Yes we can begain. I have the information you asked for about that Teventer excavation site. Do you have your side of the deal?"

Scaea pulled a packet out of her napsack. "I have the packet that I got from my Carta contact right here. You use this new identity to start a new life completely free of the authorities. That is after you give me the information of course. All you have to do is tell me what I want to know and it's all yours." She waved the packet in front of his face to let it sink in.

He looked at in longingly and said. "This packet should make everything better. It's been hard to show my face in public without being reconized."

"That's what happens when you kill a man in public. Now do you want this or do I have to give it to someone else?" she smirked.

"Of course I want it! What in particular do you want to know?" Barlen said a bit too loudly.

"That's more like it" she chuckled. "Well you can start off by telling me where it is".

"It's about three miles west down the road from here. Not far from the The Circle Tower" said Barlen.

"How does the security look?"

"There are Templars crawling all over the place. Led by a man named Knight Captain Fraizer. Figures the chantry dogs would try to get their hands on the Teventer artifacts before anyone else" he replied.

Scaea should have known there would be Templars, there were always Templars.

"How many Templars are there?" she asked.

"At leased fifty or so" he said.

"Well sounds like it could be a little more difficult than I first thought, but nothing I can't handel" she said with a grin on her face.

"Okay I kept my part of the deal. Can I have that packet now?" he asked.

Scaea handed him the packet. "Thank you" he said as he slipped it under his coat.

"Take care of yourself Muscles and try not to kill anyone again." she cheerily said.

As Barlen left the inn Scaea sat back and drank more of her ale. She then noticed an attractive young dwarven man, sitting at a table from across the bar smiling at her. She smiled back and waved.

She could go to the excavation site tomorrow, after all the days pursuits she was entitled to a little pleasure and excity to reward herself.

"He's about to get lucky tonight" Scaea thought with a smile.

She picked up her mug and was about to walk over when she was stoped by a commotion in the corner. ( More will come in part 2)

Dragon Age. Dawn of Heroes: Part 2

Scaea looked in the direction that the noise came from. She could barely make out a conversation between a young hooded woman and two large men. She noticed that the men were sellswords. The woman was frantically trying to get the men to do something. Curious Scaea decided to listen in.

"Look lady we are not going to help you get to Denerim" said one of the men.

"This is five hundred gold" the woman pleaded. "It's yours if you take me there."

"How many times do we have to tell you we don't want your gold!" the second man shouted.

"Look my husband has a home in Denerim. If you were to take me to him he would reward you very nicely. Whatever you want just name your price."

"I'm sorry lady, but no amount of gold is worth the risk of traveling with an apostate. This conversation is over!" the first man said coldly.

The men left and walked to a new table. The woman sunk lower in her seat, it was apparent that she was in low spirits. Scaea looked back at the handsome dwarf man she had seen earlier. He was now leaving the inn.

"Well there goes that opportunity" Scaea said with a sigh.

As she thought she realised the evening may not be a total lose. The woman was a mage and she could use a mage to help her acquire the artefacts she was seeking from the excavation site. Scaea remembered what the woman had said about having a husband that would pay well. The dwarf could make money from the artefacts and then get paid again. If she played her cards right she would be swimming in gold by next week and Scaea did love gold! All of this of course depended on if the woman was willing to make a deal or not. Luckily for Scaea the woman looked very willing.

"This could be very promising indeed" said Scaea with a smile.

Scaea walked over to the woman and sat at the table. The woman sat up. The hood on her head fell back, revealing a pretty face and long curly black hair. The woman looked at Scaea with brown eyes full of confusion. She was about to say something when Scaea cut her off.

"Hi I'm Scaea. Yes I'm a dwarf. Let's make a deal."

"You know I'm a mage right?" the woman asked in what sounded to Scaea like an Antivian accent.

"Well yeah, your friend over there did not exactly use his inside voice when he said "apostate". Besides it's kind of obvious with what you're wearing. I don't think circle robes are common garb after all."

"Are you offering to help me? I can pay you well."

"You said that your husband will pay?"

"Yes very well. In fact I bet you have never even seen that much gold in your life."

"Some how I doubt that" said Scaea. "Just how much is this "seen that much gold in your life" anyway?"

"Five thousand gold, and that's a promise" the woman said.

"Now that's more like it!" Scaea said with a grin. "Okay Curls here's what we're going to do. You help me retrieve some Tevinter artefacts and get out alive. I help you get back to your sweethart agreed?"

"Agreed, but Curls?"

"Yes that's your name now"

"When do we set out?" asked Curls.

"First thing tomorrow morning, but do me a favour and buy some new clothes. If you go dressed like that we will have every Templar from here to the Dales on our butts." said Scaea with a frown.

"I will and thank you."

"Don't mention it. Now if you don't mind I'm going to get a little sleep and I advise you do the same. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow. I don't want to end up dead because we dozed off and got eaten by a wild nug."

Curls got up and went to her room. Scaea downed the rest of her ale. Tonight was shaping up to be one of the best she'd had in a long time. She got up and rented a room from the inn kepper. The anticipation of the next days activities still danced in her head. (More to come in part 3)

Dragon Age: Dawn of Heroes: Part 3

The sun had just rissen in the sky when the two woman set out. It was later than when Scaea had wanted to leave, but Curls insisted that they get supplies. The excavation site was about seven miles east of the inn. If all went well they would reach their destination by late afternoon. After three hours on the road(and only one rest) the woman stoped.

"Why are we stopping here?" Curls said while looking at the map.

"Because we are meeting someone." Scaea replied.

"Why do we need to meet someone?" Said Curls puzzled.

"The person we are meeting will provide us with the false identidies we will need to get us past the Templars at the site."

Curls made a face and looked uneasy. "I'm with you on this we made a deal, and I honor my deals, but will this really be enough to get us past the Templars. If they find me I..."

"Don't work yourself up about it. I never would have taken you with me if I did not think you could handle it. Besides my contact is the best at what he does. Trust me it will be more than enough." Said Scaea trying to convince herself.

Scaea was used to adventureing alone. The idea of friends or allies was forien to her. At best all she had were a long list of buisness aquaintances. She never really took the time to get to know someone long enough to really become friends. She knew the reason was because of her brothers betrayel. Ever since she had a hard time trusting people. For some reason she was beggining to trust Curls. The young mage was just too vunerable, too innocent. For the first time in a long time Scaea relized she might actuly have a friend, and that scared her a little bit. Just then two people arrived from the other side of the path. One was an elf with a bow and the other was a strange shirtless man with a bearded face and crazy eyes. Scaeas contact had arrived. The elf and the man walked up.

"What is the best kind of nug?" Asked Scaea.

"A honey roasted nug." Answerd the elf.

"It's nice to you again Spinter, and who's your friend?" Said Scaea.

"He's the one who helped me get together the information for these IDs. His name is Dave the Maniac. Who's yours?" He asked noticing Curls for the first time.

"She's the third member of our party." Scaea said.

"Is she now." Said Sprinter. He walked over to Curls. "Hey beutiful I'm Farendell or Sprinter as Scaea likes to call me." He said kissing her hand.

Curls yanked her hand away."I'm married!" She said.

"Oh well this is awkward. Could we maby still coudle sometime?" He asked.

"No! Scaea do we really have to take him with us?" Asked Curls.

"Play nice kids we can all still get what we want." Scaea said with a smile finding it to be a little amusing.

Scaea looked at the sky it would be noon soon.

"I suggest we get a move on if we want to make it there by noon. She said.

"Right" said Sprinter. "I'll walk in front we wouldent want anything to happen to you pretty ladies would we."

He walked up to his friend and said some words. The man known as Dave the Maniac ran down the road yelling "Teventer Food!" at the top of his lungs. Sprinter took his position in front or the group and they set off. (More to come in part 4)

Dragon Age: Dawn of Heroes: Part 4

The noon sun shone over the trees, and across the land as the trio approached the excavation site. They had reached the fabled Teventer ruins at last. Ahead of them stood the crumpled remains of several buildings. The largest, and most noticeable of which appeard to have once been some sort of temple. At first glance the place did not seem, so impressive. It was only when they came to the slope of the hill that the true size, and splender of the place could finally be realized. At the bottom of the hill ruins spanned ahead of them. Large spires jutted from the top of the ruin; partly crumpled and weathered with age. All around the base of the ruins were at leased fifty tents. Templar patrols walled all up and down the large camp.

"Wow that's impressive." Said Scaea taking in the view.

"How long do you think it took the Templars to set up this camp?" Sprinter asked.

"Knowing the Templars not that long." Scaea said making note of the site's exit in case they needed to make a hasty escape later.

"Tell me how exactly are we supposed to get past this many Templars again?" Asked Curls.

"By using the cover identidies that Sprinter here provided for us." Scaea answered.

"Are you sure this will work?" She asked

"No, but right now this is our best chance." Replied Scaea.

Curls did not look comforted by this reply, but did not say anything. Scaea didn't blame her they both had a lot riding on this.

"So, what's the story with the ID's Spinter?"

"That's a great queston my fair lady drawf." Said Sprinter

"We are a research team from the University of Orlais. You are Professor Florentine de Melcendre, Curls here is your research assistant Caroline, and I'm your elven servant Arenndel. I already sent word to the Templars they are expecting us."

"An Orlesian professor? Well I haven't used my Orlesian accent in a while. This could be fun!" Scaea said with a grin.

"I still have my doughts, but this just might work!" Said Scaea also smiling.

Sprinter walked over, and (to Curls dismay) put his arm around her shoulder.

"Of course it's going to work, because I'm good at what I do. I was going to be the research assistant myself, but the truth is you make a much sexier research assistant then I will ever be." He said and smacked her on the butt.

Curls slapped him and gave him such a glare he backed away, and retreated back to Scaea. Scaea laughed.

"Everyone familiar with their covers now?" She asked still grining.

"Yes." Said Sprinter rubbing the new red mark on his face.

"I think so." Said Curls.

"Great then let's go."

They walked into the camp. As they approached the entrance to the camp; they were stoped by a Templar.

"Identify yourselves." said the Templar.

"I am Professor Florentine de Melcendre. We are the research team from the University of Orlais. We are expected." Said Scaea in a flawless Orlesian accent.

"Well my orders are to not allow anyone entrance, so how about you do me a favor a get lost." The Templar replied.

Scaea threw a glance to Sprinter; who just shrugged.

"This is an outrage! How dare you not let us in? I did not travel all the way from orlais to get turned down by some simple minded Chantry thug!" Scaea spat.

The Templar's eyes burned with rage. He was just about to draw his sword when a new Templar ran up beside him.

"Wait! They are clear. Let them in." He said out of breath from running.

The Templar that was guarding the entrance; moved out of the way, so they could pass. The trio pushed past him and walked through the entrance to where the other Templar stood.

"I apologize for the inconvenice madam professor. I am Sir. Roland we have been expecting you."

"Why then were we met with, so much hostility?" Said Scaea playing her role.

"Again sorry for the inconvenice, but we were not expecting you to be a dwarf." Sir. Roland said.

Scaea was about to say something, but Curls beat her to it.

"And what's the problem with her being a dwarf? Professor Melcendre is one of the greatest to ever teach at the University of Orlais, and one of the greatest teachers in all of Thedas. I will launch an official complaint with the Grand Cleric who santioned this excavation!" Curls said; faining a genuene look of disgust.

The girl was good Scaea had to give her that.

"I assure you I meant no offence madam." He said.

"I trust you are not the one in charge of this place. Why do I ever leave Orlais? Every where else only ever seems to consist of Neandrathals, and dimwits." Said Scaea.

"No mam I will take you to the Knight-Captain right away. Please follow me."

Sir. Roland led them through the camp. Everywhere they walked past they saw Templars, and a few assorted Circle Mages. Scaea counted no more then about fifty Templars, so Barlen's information had been good after all. Sir. Roland stoped at a large tent.

"Wait here." He said and vanished inside.

Scaea wondered why the Chantry would be interested in a Teventer ruin, and why they wanted someone to excavate it for them. Scaea looked at her companions. Sprinter gave her a half smile, and Curls gave her a thumbs up. If everything went well then Scaea, and Sprinter would be rich from selling the artifacts. Curls would be reunited with her husband, and all would be well. Just then Sir. Roland excited the tent.

"You can go in now." He said.

They entered the tent, and saw the Knight-Captain sitting at a desk. He was a tall broad-shouldered man. He was in his mid thirties; he had black hair, and a well trimmed black beard with fiery green eyes. He looked up from his work, and got up to greet his guest.

"You must be the research team. I'm Knight-Captain Fraizer . Mother Augestine would have been here to greet you also, but she is currently attending to a different matter."

"Greetings Knight-Captain I'm Professor Florentine de Melcendre, and this is my research assistant Caroline." Said Scaea.

"A pleasure to meet you Sir." Said Curls with a small curtsy.

"A pleasure to meet you both. Who's your knife-ear companion?" The Knight-Captain asked pointing to Sprinter.

Sprinter made a face that said he did not approve, but said nothing.

"This is my elven servant Arenndel." She said.

"Nice to meet you Sir." Said sprinter giving a humble bow.

I'm sure you are a capable, and reliable servant to your mistress. Would any of you like a drink, or refreshments perhaps?"

On a normal day Scaea would never turn down a drink, but something about the Knight-Captain made her uneasy. There was an uncommon intensity that the man seemed to radiate. There was also a hidden fury. A type of fury that made Scaea's skin crawl. She had dealt with his type before. He was the kind of man that appeared calm, and friendly on the outside, but on the inside he was a monster. If Scaea knew one thing for sure it was that Fraizer could not be trusted. She suddenly found herself wanting nothing more then getting out of the same room with him as fast as she could.

"No thank you we ate on the way." Sacea said.

Knight-Captain Fraizer turned around, and retrieved a goblet, and poured himself some wine.

"I find it a bit strange that the largest University in Thedas would only send a team of two, and a servant, for such an important find." He said. Drinking a sip of his wine, and staring at Scaea with his fiery green eyes.

Knight-Captain Fraizer was many things, but a fool was not one of them. Scaea knew she would have to be careful with what she said next.

"I prefer to work with smaller teams. Unfortunetly most of the other students in my class are incompetent. Caroline is the only intelligent one amoung them, so she is the one who got to come with me." Scaea said faking her most charming smile, and hoping he would bye it.

"Well how lucky for her then, but If you will excuse me I must return to my work. Sir. Roland will show you to your rooms. Surely you must be tired after your long journey? I will send for you again tomorrow, and you can start the excavation then. Have a wonderfull evening." He said turning from them, and sitting back at his desk.

Sir Roland came back in, and led the group out of the massive tent, and to a building in the back of the camp. As they were walking Scaea still could not shake the feeling that she was going to get a whole lot more then she barggining for on this trip.(More to come in part 5)