So I read my last blog and realized it might be the time to update my view of DA 2. I still liked it but it has its problems just like Origins did, only there different issues:

1)The manual attacking on PS3 has this problem where if your not pointing the left stick towards the enemy you want to attack you do nothing. That being said the combat is still enjoyable and for the most part the whole "positioning" problem from Origins was gone.

2) recycled maps... well it was not game breaking for me but I'm still perplexed that they could not even bother to have at least changed the mini-map.

3) The story this is a complaint I have seen a lot. Personally I had no issue with it I didn't mind that there was no "big bad" through out the narriative; and as far as choice I did not think DA 2 had any less or more choice then DA:O both have set pieces no matter what that you can't change because they are important to your characters growth. example Hawk's mom, and one of your siblings dying, even with the knowledge of previous play through you can't change the outcome. Same thing with the DN origin even though you know Bhelen is setting you up there is no option to confront him or anything.

4) Side quest in DA 2 derailed the momentum of the main plot, I've seen this in other RPGs though so it is more a quibble then anything else.

I liked DA 2 but it was not Origins an I readily admit that, just in the same way that Game of Thrones (HBO) is not A Song of Ice and Fire, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.- - darb86 16:12, August 22, 2011 (UTC)