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Darb86 February 25, 2011 User blog:Darb86

I am really looking foreward to Dragon Age 2 I agree with all of the changes they made. Voice actor for main character was great I loved DA:O but the Wardens' range of emotion was eyebrow waggling. I like the new homogenouse look for the Darkspawn I thought they seemed to genric before with the only exceptions being the Shriek and Ogre (the ogre looked awesome). I still wish they used more of the hive reference like they did in the prequel novels. The idea of a group of Darkspawn all making a deep humming noise as they close in for the kill is awesome. Also the change to combat is awesome I love that they removed the clunk no more having to stand for two seconds, remove your weapon then stand for another second, then select a talent/spell and stand for another second, and then you execute the talent/spell. Wouldn't have been an issue if the enemies in DA:O had the same hinderance but that was not always the case. I only played the console demo so I haven't seen how auto-attack has change if at all and I haven't really seen any "messey kills".--- - darb86 19:35, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

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