• Darb86

    Update on DA 2

    August 22, 2011 by Darb86

    So I read my last blog and realized it might be the time to update my view of DA 2. I still liked it but it has its problems just like Origins did, only there different issues:

    1)The manual attacking on PS3 has this problem where if your not pointing the left stick towards the enemy you want to attack you do nothing. That being said the combat is still enjoyable and for the most part the whole "positioning" problem from Origins was gone.

    2) recycled maps... well it was not game breaking for me but I'm still perplexed that they could not even bother to have at least changed the mini-map.

    3) The story this is a complaint I have seen a lot. Personally I had no issue with it I didn't mind that there was no "big bad" through out the narriative; a…

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  • Darb86

    Excited for March

    February 25, 2011 by Darb86

    I am really looking foreward to Dragon Age 2 I agree with all of the changes they made. Voice actor for main character was great I loved DA:O but the Wardens' range of emotion was eyebrow waggling. I like the new homogenouse look for the Darkspawn I thought they seemed to genric before with the only exceptions being the Shriek and Ogre (the ogre looked awesome). I still wish they used more of the hive reference like they did in the prequel novels. The idea of a group of Darkspawn all making a deep humming noise as they close in for the kill is awesome. Also the change to combat is awesome I love that they removed the clunk no more having to stand for two seconds, remove your weapon then stand for another second, then select a talent/spell…

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