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Dragon Age 2 Tours Europe

Well for our European members here is a list of where and when the DA2 demo will be through the fall.

Oct 2-3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands: First Look Event Oct 1 -3 – London, England: Eurogamer Expo Event Oct 7-10 – Madrid, Spain: GAMEFEST Oct 15 - Torun, Poland: Copernicon Oct 26 - Nov 1 – Paris, France: Paris Games Week Oct 29 –Nov 1 – Lucca, Italy: Lucca Comics 2010 Nov 3-6 - Moscow, Russia: Igromir Nov 4-7 – Stockholm, Sweden: GAMEX Nov 5-7 – Helsinki, Finland: DigiExpo

Theres a couple reviews from Eurogamer here in [This Thread]

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