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July 10, 2010
  • D.Solstice

    I didn't want this to get buried in the dark reaches of the Forum.

    There is a good thread in the forum where David Gaider, goes in to a fair bit of detail of how we'll interact with Hawke's Companions throughout Dragon Age 2. It seems each party member will have their own "home base" in Kirkwall which you can go to visit to have conversations and the like. They may also come and visit you plus its seems there will still be environmental banter as well. Companions will also initiate dialogue with you, so we no longer have to click on Wynne for her to lecture us on relationships.

    So all and all seems like very positive changes

    BioWare Posts Whole Thread

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  • D.Solstice

    Well for our European members here is a list of where and when the DA2 demo will be through the fall.

    Oct 2-3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands: First Look Event Oct 1 -3 – London, England: Eurogamer Expo Event Oct 7-10 – Madrid, Spain: GAMEFEST Oct 15 - Torun, Poland: Copernicon Oct 26 - Nov 1 – Paris, France: Paris Games Week Oct 29 –Nov 1 – Lucca, Italy: Lucca Comics 2010 Nov 3-6 - Moscow, Russia: Igromir Nov 4-7 – Stockholm, Sweden: GAMEX Nov 5-7 – Helsinki, Finland: DigiExpo

    Theres a couple reviews from Eurogamer here in [This Thread]

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  • D.Solstice

    First Game Play

    September 28, 2010 by D.Solstice

    GameCity Vienna

    OK. So at the start of the game Hawke and Bethany start with high stats, end level abilities and the like, because Varric is exaggerated the story to Cassandra. Thats what this is video of. Then Cassandra calls him out on it, and you play normally with Hawke, Bethany, Carver and Amell Hawke

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  • D.Solstice

    Heres our first look at FemHawke!.... Not like any of ours will look like her anyways Screenshot

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  • D.Solstice

    "If Dragon Age: Origins had any single, overriding problem, it was that it lacked an identity of its own. Cast as an homage to old-school PC RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age mostly lived in their shadow, and it certainly didn't help that Mass Effect 2 followed just a few months later.

    "So for the sequel, BioWare has set to forge an experience that will make Dragon Age memorable in its own right. Old-school RPG fans don't need to worry though; introduction of the Shepard-like protagonist Hawke aside, BioWare isn't turning it into a third-person action game. Creating a distinct identity for the franchise doesn't mean creating Dragon Effect II."

    See the full article here.

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