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More gruesome combat, stylized visuals, and a talkative protagonist are some of the big new changes we spied in this hands-on demo.Gamespot [1]

Here at Comic-Con, BioWare is giving people the first look at Dragon Age 2, the sequel to the (not even a year old) Dragon Age: Origins. This will be another epic fantasy role-playing game, but some key changes are being made to the design. ING [2]

We've heard a lot about Dragon Age 2, thanks in large part to Game Informer's cover story. But today at San Diego Comic-Con, we actually had a chance to see a small portion of the game in action. Most of the demo was spent explaining the evolution process of Dragon Age: Origins to that of Dragon Age 2, in that the team paid attention to reviews, and listened to focus groups to get feedback on what worked and what didn't. Apparently a lot of the complaints revolved around the combat, and BioWare took notes to evolve Dragon Age 2 into what it is currently shaping up to be... a much more combat driven action game. So much for the rebirth of the Western RPG. 1UP [3]

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