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    In a darkly lit cave room, the apprentice struggled with his magical bonds. "Master, please, free me!" he begged. The Mage ignored him, and worked with twisting stone nobs and pressing stone buttens, all of which were magically connected to Victoria. The apprentice tried to break free, but the bonds held tightly. "Master!" he begged, again. The Mage deined to answer. "You sprung the trap, and getting rid of it would take time. You can stay there. I don't have time for your idiocy". The Mage abondoned his advanced control system, and started waving his hands vividly. The cave temputer rose as the well of water evaporated. A fire trail, forming into a snake, was winding it's way toward him. A death snake, he wouldn't have know it there unles…

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  • Coroxn


    January 17, 2010 by Coroxn

    "You eye me, human,

    As If Searching fight.

    You welcome your death?

    Yes, you stand taller than me,

    But I can still reach your neck.

    And everytime you look at me I feel

    More willing to take a swing"

    "Surely, here we must be equals?

    Surely, where the outside world is truley outside,

    Where there are no distractions,

    No social restrictions,

    Elves are the same as humans?

    No? Well, than, I supose, No one would miss you

    If you happened to be frozen and dumped in the lake?"

    "Theif, do not allow your feet to follow me,

    Your eyes to watch me,

    Your hand to reach for my bag of coins,

    Your blade to sneak it's way round my throat.

    I shall not loose a bit today!

    Avert your eyes,

    Or I shall busy them with an arrow"

    "I shall not kill you, brother.

    Your blood shall not be spilled…

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    The Child They Lost

    January 11, 2010 by Coroxn

    Armha ran through up the hill, ridiculously steep. Not as fast as he could, but at a fair pace. The Darkspawn behind him could easily outrun him, but they did not. They mearly jogged after him, weapons shealthed, but clearly shown. It was a chase, that much was clear, but Armha couldn't be sure why he wasn't being attacked, captured like the rest. He swallowed hard. He'd thought of the rest. Memories of family and friends flooded back to him, but he kept running. Memories of what happened three days ago came to him, forcing their way into his skull, ignoring his need for focus. Three days ago he was forced into this forest by the same Darkspawn. Three days ago everything had changed. Three days ago, he'd started running.


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    Specialization Fanfiction

    January 10, 2010 by Coroxn

    Please Igore This Until It Is Deleted.

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