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    The following is a summary of the content of Game Informer's cover story on Dragon Age II:

    • Dragon Age is a multifaceted story, Dragon Age II marks a shift to another facet; while the Grey Warden quelled the Blight in Ferelden, other people across Thedas had their own adventures.
    • Dragon Age II takes place in a new region, with a new hero and story.
    • The new hero's tale begins in Lothering.

    • BioWare is one of the premier RPG developers in the world, gamers embraced Dragon Age: Origins' old-school aesthetic because of BioWare's skillful implementation.
    • BioWare views Dragon Age as an enduring property with multiple installments, knows that old-school mechanics can't be counted on forever.
    • Dragon Age II more than a sequel, establishes a new identity fo…

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