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Is a tank truly necessary?

I do use a tank, I will admit. But I have played without one for a while aswell. It might have to do with the difficulty, I play on Normal/Hardcore, Personally. I've never truly encountered a situation where a Warrior, With massive armor, Duel Wield/Two-Hand. Could no tank effectively. This does not apply to Awakening, I haven't tested it there yet. Aswell, In most situations, Besides major bosses. You can even tank with a Heavy Armor, Duel Wield/Two-Hand. Maybe even medium, Haven't tested this yet. What do you think? Is a tank truly necessary? Or shall it only be used for the players that accept a True^_^ Tactical challenge. Such as Nightmare difficulty. Disregarding that you can almost solo the game on casual with a warrior, Or rouge. : ) Well?

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