In the tease trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition we can see Seekers (possibly) attacking something that looks like a Grey Warden fort. There are griffons everywhere – most likely Grey Wardens then. I have a few theories why Seekers would like to attack the Wardens.

1. Corypheus can control the Wardens – either directly or by messing with their heads. No matter what you do he possesses one of the Wardens at the end of Legacy DLC and says he will go report back to the Warden Commander (which one? Our Warden? The First Warden? The Warden Commander in Free Marches?) It’s possible he corrupted and mind controlled some part of the Order and is using them as pawns in his own game. Seekers attack to put end to this. They want to stop Corypheus.

2. Remember that the taint is connected with the Golden City and the Fade. Legacy DLC suggests that the Golden City was black to begin with. Maybe it was a prison for the taint? New Trailes show the Veil being thorn and an army of demons coming through. DA2 had many suggestions that Grey Wardens are shaming something behind the scene. Either to get rid of the Blight for good (that’s their official after all) or to gain more power (possibly by trying to “truly master the taint”). Maybe during their experiments they unleashed something incredibly dangerous that now threatens the world. They either got under this thing’s control (thus Seekers attack them to stop this thing) or they are simply responsible for all shit that’s happening (thus Seekers attack to punish them/make sure they don’t do anything stupid).

3. Seekers didn’t like Grey Wardens harboring mages, using blood magic, having many secrets from the Chantry and attacked them because of it. There is also a fact that Anders was a Warden, one of the Wardens could help in fight against the Order in Kirkwall (Bethany/Carver) and the Hero of Ferelden could be a mage who asked for the Circle in Ferelden to be freed. Fiona, who played a great role in the mage rebellion, was also a Warden once. There are many reasons for templars and seekers to dislike the Wardens. However, I hope it’s not the case, since in my mind it would be too simple. Also it can be seen that there are other MUCH MORE SERIOUS things happening during DA:III than simply mage-templar war. The Seekers will probably have their hands full with everything else, and won’t think about a bunch of mages in the Grey Wardens.

4. Any combination of previous option is true, BUT what we saw in the trailer aren’t Seekers attacking the Grey Warden fortress. These are actually clips cleverly mixed together to make it seem that way. There will be an attack on a Grey Warden fortress at some point, but it will not by the Seekers or templars. If you look carefully at the trailer you can see that this fire falling on the fort looks just like fireballs falling from the ripped sky. Maybe Grey Wardens are simply invaded by whatever is attacking also other parts of Theadas, by the same demon invasion.

What do you think? Do you have your own theories? Any suggestion for the role Grey Wardens may play in the game as a whole?