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    In the tease trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition we can see Seekers (possibly) attacking something that looks like a Grey Warden fort. There are griffons everywhere – most likely Grey Wardens then. I have a few theories why Seekers would like to attack the Wardens.

    1. Corypheus can control the Wardens – either directly or by messing with their heads. No matter what you do he possesses one of the Wardens at the end of Legacy DLC and says he will go report back to the Warden Commander (which one? Our Warden? The First Warden? The Warden Commander in Free Marches?) It’s possible he corrupted and mind controlled some part of the Order and is using them as pawns in his own game. Seekers attack to put end to this. They want to stop C…

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  • Ciabella

    While surfing on the Internet I often heard opinions that Mistress ending for f!Warden is somehow worse that Warden Queen ending. Some people seem to feel it’s depredating for the Warden to be “this second woman” and not get fairytale wedding with Alistair. As a person who usueally plays dwarves and elves and romances Alistair (couldn't help it, he is too cute!), I decided to write a defense of my favourite ending.

    Good points of the whole situation:

    1) You still are one of the most powerful women in Ferelden. You are a war hero, who saved Ferelden’s collective ass from the Archdemon. This alone gives you a lot of influence. You are probably part of King’s inner circle of advisers, especially if you made yourself the Chancellor. You are not …

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  • Ciabella

    Dragon Age 2 is generally a very good game. Unfortunately there are some things that feel rushed or out of place. Here is MY wishlist of what I hope will be changed in Dragon Age 3. You can agree or disagree but please be civil about it.

    1. Please, bring isometric view back! It was really annoying when my Hawke got stuck somewhere and got killed, just because I had difficulty pulling camera away from the character and ordering her to go somewhere else. It’s also difficult to aim AOE spells, since mages have to go closer to find a right spot and have to run in the middle of a combat.

    2. Better enemy spawning. It’s rather annoying when enemies emerge from the area that was already cleansed, jump from two stores high building without breaking f…

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