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Alistair loooove!

I was a human noble when I first started playing Dragon Age. And when I met Alistair, to me he was funny, cute and had a great personality. This is me and my character speaking XD I really liked Alistair later in the game, and he was always there for me as I was him. When we went in the tent, I was like HOLEY @#$%!!!! I could my tell my character was happy with that moment. When Alistair said he loved my character I was in shock. I am a romance freak so I was goin NUTS! In my own opinion, I loved Alistair to, but not as much as my own boyfriend X3. In the final battle, I told Alistair I loved him. He said "I love you too, forever and always..." I started crying! I was so amazed with how Bioware gave this character such a wonderful personality and so much love in him. I was glad at the end of the game when the credits said we stayed together. And honestly, with my characters looks, they looked ment to fricken be! Aaaah yes. I love that man to this day. I'm only 14!, but he's great. And I think I like him so much beacuse, my boyfriend is just like him...

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