I've been thinking about this forever after the end of Dragon Age 2, I really hope Bioware read this

1)Protagonist. In Dragon Age 3 I really hope that we can choose who to play. The Warden, Hawke, or A New Hero.

2)Story/Origins. How can we pick one of them? The story begin in the Fade, we play as Spirit of Valiant. Suddenly there's a disturbance causing tremor and disaster around the Fade, suddenly our character (Spirit Of Valiant) appear in light where nothing is able to be seen. After that appear before Valiant, is Andraste her self. Seeking help from Valiant to save both the Fade and the World from the evil that is about to come. But in order to do so, Valiant must merge with a host. If Valiant merge with it host he/she will have the power to defeat the Evil in the world. So Valiant was given three host to pick. The Hero of Ferelden, The Champion of Kirkwall, or a new Origin it could be human, dwarf or elf. While in the story you can see The Warden and Hawke but as an NPC. The Warden wears the Warden Commander armor while Hawke wear the champion armor, both of them wear a helmet so you wont able to see their face and they speak with body language

3)Monster's. I think all of the creature will be back from both DA:O and DA2, but some of them in some time change because the disturbance in the Fade. Like a Hurlock Emissary is now become much powerful because of the possession of Sloth demon

4)Place take Event. Take someplace new, not in Ferelden, not in Kirkwall. I like to see Orlais, where all the people speak with French accent an prostitution everywhere but the wrong woman will make lose all your money.I also want one event to make us able to time traveler to the past where we can see for our self the beginning and the end of Andraste herself and we can even romance with her, but it wont make it time paradox because our present in the past is actually suppose to be there. Also we can also meet the Guardian and the Maker First Children and let's not forget to meet a young Flemeth! But We are able to return to Ferelden and Kirkwall to see their condition we can even go to Virgil's Keep. Our action from the past will show the fate of Ferelden and Kirkwall. Example: If you let Alistair and Anora rule, Ferelden will mantain peace and will remain vigilant, but if let Anora rule Ferelden will be under siege

5)Companion. I want both a new companion and the old companion to appear. You can choose to let the old companion to follow you again or not. There's a limit of Companion you can order one of them to stay guard in another city. I also want the companion to be variable, there's one of the Elf of the original Arlathan and he is immortal different from any present elf because he's is tall and has a beard.

6)Combat. I want the combat to be mix from both DA:O and DA2. The combat in DA2 is cool but it make it to unrealistic the way swing 2 hand weapon with sometime only one hand is unrealistic, also rouge are able to wild one sword and dagger again and dual sword sometime

7)Graphic. I want the graphic to be realistic not like in DA2 where you see big eyes and stone face make our character development become strange and the ladies become ugly and also Alistair and Teagen look ugly, maybe same graphic with Mass Effect 2? That would spectacular!

8)Dialogue. I want Bioware to remove the Dialogue wheel, because it make decision to become very limited like in Dragon Age 2. It may be work in Mass Effect but it doesn't effect good enough in Dragon Age. I also want the skill of coercion to appear again so you can Persuade and Intimidate people again

I really hope Bioware read this, or at least make on this appear in Dragon Age 3