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  • BrianCousland

    I've been thinking about this forever after the end of Dragon Age 2, I really hope Bioware read this

    1)Protagonist. In Dragon Age 3 I really hope that we can choose who to play. The Warden, Hawke, or A New Hero.

    2)Story/Origins. How can we pick one of them? The story begin in the Fade, we play as Spirit of Valiant. Suddenly there's a disturbance causing tremor and disaster around the Fade, suddenly our character (Spirit Of Valiant) appear in light where nothing is able to be seen. After that appear before Valiant, is Andraste her self. Seeking help from Valiant to save both the Fade and the World from the evil that is about to come. But in order to do so, Valiant must merge with a host. If Valiant merge with it host he/she will have the powe…

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