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  • Believe it!

    A thoroughly detailed (eventually) article regarding my playthrough, world state, settings, opinion and review of Dragon Age Inquisition. Also, some helpful hints for newcomers. Spoilers are clearly marked.

    Article will be updated periodically as I complete more of the game. Please no spoilers in the comment section unless the spoiler has been covered in the article. (Last updated 1/8/15)

    Platform: PC; high end custom system; highest game settings possible
    World State: Follows Izen Cousland, and a female rogue Hawke
    Difficulty Level: Nightmare Friendly fire is ON
    Chose Templars
    Chose unity between Celene, Gaspard, and Briala.
    Current Location: Skyhold after Crestwood and meeting Stroud.

    Name: Jonathan Trevelyan
    Age: 40ish (Will decide a name-day later…

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  • Believe it!

    According to the Twitter, the Dragon Age Keep Open Beta has officially landed! Sign up with Origin and start using the Keep today at

    Keep launches as an open beta.

    There may be a waiting room depending on how many Keepers are logged on.

    It's fast and easy to use once you're in.

    Graphics and animation can always be upgraded by the Keep staff later.

    The Keep's function is self-explanatory, but there's also a tutorial hidden in the "list" looking icon in the top left. Click to make a side panel shift out. The tutorial is in there along with other options, such as to see the achievements that carried over.

    The Keep works by having your games upload your achievements and data to the BSN servers, and then the Keep accesses that …

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  • Believe it!

    According to the Twitter, the Dragon Age Keep Open Beta has officially landed! Sign up with Origin and start using the Keep today at

    And now that the NDA is out of the way, I can finally tell you how I feel about the Keep... *Deep breath*

    It suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!!! /end spoiler

    Ha ha, not really, but... yeah it kinda sucks. So here we are launching as an open beta. Why? I have no idea. Apparently BioWare thinks the customers are servants. And boy do we have our work cut out for us! That is... when we eventually get in. Yes, in anticipation for the flood of Keepers, BioWare has created a... wait for it...

    Wait for it.

    Wait for it.

    Wait for it.

    Wait for it.


    ...waiting room. >:^(

    Oh what fun!

    At least it's fast and easy to us…

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  • Believe it!

    Inquisitor Expectations

    September 29, 2014 by Believe it!

    Additional theories regarding the explosion that caused the first Breach, the origins and special power of the Inquisitor, as well as my own thoughts on the playable races, classes, and their backstories.

    Hello again everyone, and thanks for checking out my second blog post here. I just want to share a quick theory or two that deal mostly with the “Enemy of Thedas” trailer, as well as some thoughts on the different races available for us to choose from when we start the game.

    This won’t be nearly as long as my previous blog post about the fates of the Hero and Champion as well as the main plot predictions, which you can find here. The first half addresses the new theory I have in conjunction with my last one, and then the second half address…

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  • Believe it!

    What Fate May Hold

    July 18, 2014 by Believe it!

    An in-depth look at the present facts and what they may reveal about the future of the plot, world, and characters of the Dragon Age series.

    The following is what I believe will be the main storyline that the past events of prior games will lead to and what the in-game events of Dragon Age Inquisition will be. Everything in this post is based on facts and evidence from the series, and certain conclusions are drawn from these sources. Please see if you agree with them or not and comment.

    Before I get into it, you may be asking, "A bit late to the party aren't you Believe it!? We've known about Inquisition for months now." Well, that's a fair point, and while it is true that I started writing this many months ago and really wanted to post it b…

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