• Bardenvellwood

    I dmed a Dragon age table top camping for about a year and a half and I made a lot of stats for things the core books didn't cover so I've decided to post some of them here

    Centurion Mk.1

    Ability scores

    Communication -2    

    Constitution 4  (Stamina)

    Cunning -1

    Dexterity 0

    Magic 3

    Perception 1

    Strength 3  (Arm Blade, might)

    Willpower 0

    HP 15   Defense 12 Speed 4  Armor Rating 8


    Arm blade +5 to attack roll damage: 2D6+3

    Special Abilities and stunt bonuses

    Centurions can preform pierce armor for 1 sp rather than the normal 2.

    Magic Resistance: Only spells from the Primal School have any effect against a Centurion.

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